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16 Oct 2009

Chainsaw Maid

This one’s sort of a tribute to the wonderful Chainsaw Maid wax animation, a healthy dosage of gore and candy colored zombies. I saw the clip a long while back and somehow the concept popped into my head now so I thought I do an image. And why not, you can’t really go wrong with a sexy French maid with a chainsaw, cliché or not.

Forgot to add an apron and a hat, though.

Chainsaw Maid

I’ve been playing with the idea of setting up a scene in DAZ Studio and using a render as a reference for an illustration but haven’t gotten around to doing so until now. This time I did, however, and it really worked in my advantage regarding speed and probably outcome too. Much less thinking involved when it came to perspective, foreshortening and shading – even though this still just a sketch and a bit funky in places.

Crap lighting, but good enough for a use such as this. I probably took around 30-45 minutes to set up and render this scene.
Reference Render

In case you don’t happen to know what DAZ Studio is, it is much like the better know Poser except that it’s FREE. You just need to register (again, for free) at the DAZ website, and you’ll be able to download your own copy. There’s a ton of free content available – including figures, clothing, hair, props – in sites like or as well as DAZ’s own website – because for the most part DS uses the same files as Poser.

Essentially what you do with DS is clothe and pose a figure, possibly include some props, add lighting and then render the scene. It’s like a “virtual photo studio”. It’s easy to use and good fun actually, I’ve ended up wasting spending a lot of time playing around with learning the program myself.

23 Aug 2009

Excerpts from the Sketchbook

Here are a few pages from my sketchbook that I doodled last week that I spent at a summer cabin. The first one is actually from an earlier visit but who cares…

From the Sketchbook 1 From the Sketchbook 2 From the Sketchbook 3 - Photoreferenced Drawings From the Sketchbook 4 From the Sketchbook 5

The third page is just some random people I drew from a few magazines. I’m not too crazy about how clinical the line work looks when I draw from referenced so I tried a different approach for one of the faces. It ended up looking like a teenage girl drew it – no good.

23 Jun 2009

Girl with a Towel

This is just something I’ve been doodling in Photoshop over couple of night before bed. To be frank, I got really bored with it…

Not crazy about the style and it’s sloppy too.

Girl with a Towel

6 May 2009

Shut Up, You’re Dead!

Just a random tough guy to go to the CTT Turbo with the Superwoman from previous post. A screaming, severed head also featured.

Shut Up, You're Dead!

7 Apr 2009

Rocker Sketches

Here’s a few sketches that I drew awhile back when we were doing a bit of drinking and drawing before heading out to see some bands. Consider this a little insight into the kind of music that was played that night…

This is what we were listening to first…

Country & Streetgrass

… and this is what we listened after that. I was having some trouble drawing the pentagram by that time. The last sketch of the night, heh.


And finally a sketch anticipating the live stuff…


This music business is serious stuff, you know.

11 Feb 2009

The Shipless Sailor and His Murdering Friend

Here’s a couple of images for U16’s CTT – Turbo Mode activity. The first one is after Josh Hall’s character and, well, someone else’s too.

The Shipless Sailor and His Murdering Friend Weirdo Nudist
5 Feb 2009


Had a peculiar experience earlier this week. I hurt my ankle on the weekend and couldn’t really put my weight on it for a couple of days. On Monday I stepped out to get some groceries from the little store across the street. This is what happened:


Oh wow, don’t go over the top with those dreams man! A little depressing but, still, I found it oddly funny since I was acting so true to form, being caught off-guard.

I was drawing an hourly comic (a day late) but it was really boring to do when you have nothing else to do but sit by yourself with your leg propped up. This strip was part of that thing…

15 Jan 2009
2 Sep 2008

Sinister Girl

And yet another photoreffed girl. Yes, I’ve been doing other stuff too, but can’t show that at least for the time being. So you’ll have to settle for these quickies.

Sinister looking nude girl
26 Aug 2008

A Traditional Bunch

First another photo referenced girl. Pencil, colored pencil and paint marker on recycled paper.

Proud Girl

And a few that were drawn from life.

From life 1 From life 2 From life 3 From life 4
2 Jul 2008

Frederik and Tarja

I bought some more markers, colored ones this time around. They sure are lots of fun and handy to use.

Here’s a couple of fairly quick caricatures done with them. The first one is of the “Finnish Hasselhoff”, Frederik, who’s already a sort of a caricature the way he really is. The original reference was a thumbnail sized photo in a newspaper, but the photo displayed here is a better version borrowed from his website. The man is like 63 (or something) and has a sweatband and a pierced eyebrow (edit: must not forget the mullet!) . Macho, so macho. Phew!

And the second one is of course the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen. Took less than an hour on this one. Frederik took maybe two.

Reference images
Frederik Tarja
7 Jun 2008

Punk Girls with Guns

My quick take on Scott’s character, with a girlfriend. Check the link, there are others’ versions too.

I got me some new markers and a decent brush pen. This sketch was inked and shaded (in grayscale) with them and then colored in Photoshop.

Punk Girls with Guns