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17 May 2010

mechanic Behemoth

Here’s a giant robot setting the city ablaze, kaiju style. For the CTT at Unit 16, after Scott’s sketches.

Mechanic Behemoth

I may have gone a little crazy with the glows but what the hell, it was fun. Here’s my sketch for the next in the activity:

Dungeon Fighting Man

14 Apr 2009

Re-education of the Navigator

Here’s another fairly quick one for another U16 activity, the Movie Tag Team. The idea of the activity is to do an image about the movie character that the person before you picks. My movie was Flight of the Navigator and this image. The kid’s the navigator…

I didn’t really like these children’s fantasy movies as a kid, and don’t like ‘em now. So this is what I came up with:

Re-education of the Navigator

It’s a reference to one of the lines in the movie. I think I could use some educating like that myself…

30 Mar 2009


Here’s a couple of quick images I did based on other people’s characters. First one is after Sticmann’s sketch of a little robot. I streamlined the design a bit and I guess it isn’t that little anymore either. It was done for the CTT activity at U16 again.

And the second one is a take on Scott Vanden Bosch’s character. I thought it (my take, that is) was a bit stupid* and unfunny*, so I haven’t posted it until now.

*) Like that has ever stopped me before…
24 Feb 2009

Woes of Scifi Rockers

This is my take on Scott Vanden Bosch’s singer character for U16’s CTT again. It appears that the woes of this fictional band aren’t completely unlike those of another, more famous one.

Exploding Drum Machine
14 Dec 2008

Robot Arm and a Cop

Couple of Images for U16’s CTT again. First one’s based on Shakes’ sketch.

25 Jul 2008

Killer Robot

Forget about Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.

Killer Robot

For the CTT activity at U16. Another illustration coming up shortly.

7 May 2008

Spaceman Mini Designs

Spaceman Mini Header

Here’s a few designs for U16’s “The Many Faces of Spaceman Mini” activity. Winner of the acitivity gets a Spaceman Mini of his or her own, so take part. I suspect it’s going to be a bloody battle though…

The first one is based on my old spaceman design from a previous post.

Spaceman Mini Spaceman

And these two are just a little kinky. I don’t think they’ll be going into mass production. I might do a couple more, maybe.

Spaceman Mini Pervs

The original Spaceman Mini basic design is copyright Scott Vanden Bosch.

21 Nov 2007

Scifi Gear and Stupid Pants

And a couple of images for Unit 16 forums “Character Tag Team” -activity. The first one is a take on asnmdirtehw’s sketch and the second is my image for the next in line.

MC Hammer Audition Exoskeleton

Scifi isn’t exactly my forte, but I think the exoskeleton dude turned out alright, for a silly, impractical design. Eat your heart out, Shirow!

14 Oct 2007

The Later Days of Luke Skywalker

Not many people know what really happened to everyone’s favorite nondescript jedi knight, Luke Skywalker. Sure there are comics, books, toys and all kinds of stuff expanding the Star Wars universe, but hey, let’s face it – they’re just out there for the purpose of making money, not to tell the truth.

What really happened is depicted here: What should have been a triumphant march down the memory lane right back to Tatooine after the victory of "Return of the Jedi", turned into something else. Apparently Luke had some unpaid debts he’d neglected to pay.

Boba Fett was an amateur:

The Later Days of Luke Skywalker

This image was done for "Star Wars Bounty Hunters" activity at the Unit 16 forums.

21 Aug 2007

Retro Character Sketches

Nothing too special this time around, really. I just drew a few character sketches for no particular reason, going for a more or less retro feel in the designs. The dude on top right was supposed to be some kind of military officer, but when I was done I realized I’d drawn a bullfighter instead. Hahhah.

Retro Characters
19 Jul 2007

Steampunk Laundry

For the Eatpoo Weekly, "Steampunk." I figure even martian steampunkers need clean underwear. And in space no one can hear you gossip.

But what is it with me and hanging laundry?

Steampunk Laundry