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24 Jul 2010

Elf Bomb

Here’s a couple of images for the CTT activity at U16. The first one is after Audzilla’s sketch and I’m not sure if it makes any sense without it. The second one is of course the image for the next in line.

Elf Bomb Hair Rocker

6 Mar 2010

Drinking and Drawing

Here are some doodles that I’ve done over a few nights of drinking and drawing. Pretty much all typical motifs for those nights are represented: Superheroes, rockers, barbarians, women and general bad taste… For many of these I picked a theme and stuck with it until the next paper.

Artists Moustaches Random Stuff Conan & Frank Castle Eletkra & Ghost Rider More Superheroes and Others Robbers Women in the Cab Line Women in the Nude Another Women and Self Portrait Rockers in Leather Jackets Skeletor

Jeez, the site sure is slow today.

24 Jun 2009


Here’s someone I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time and who seems to fascinate me to no end: Glenn Danzig.

A bit of eerie synchronicity going on as well: Going through some biographies I just realized that I finished the image – truly unbeknownst to myself – on his damn birthday, June 23rd. So happy birthday, Glenn…

Glenn Danzig

Fucking metal. Serious business.

7 Apr 2009

Rocker Sketches

Here’s a few sketches that I drew awhile back when we were doing a bit of drinking and drawing before heading out to see some bands. Consider this a little insight into the kind of music that was played that night…

This is what we were listening to first…

Country & Streetgrass

… and this is what we listened after that. I was having some trouble drawing the pentagram by that time. The last sketch of the night, heh.


And finally a sketch anticipating the live stuff…


This music business is serious stuff, you know.

24 Feb 2009

Woes of Scifi Rockers

This is my take on Scott Vanden Bosch’s singer character for U16’s CTT again. It appears that the woes of this fictional band aren’t completely unlike those of another, more famous one.

Exploding Drum Machine
22 Dec 2008

Kids Say the Damndest Things

Little Skeptic

Inspired by this little gem. I guess she wouldn’t be impressed though.

Well here’s something else to wash the bad taste away, whether you disliked the gag or the song. Merry Christmas to everyone, too.

18 Jun 2008

White Rapper and Witch

Couple of images for U16’s CTT activity again. The first is based on Shakes’ sketch and the second one is my character for the next in line.

MC Omnomnom of former Pubic Enemy fame Witch

Alright, I’ll be off for a few days eating sausage and drinking beer. I’ll be back next week. Hyvää juhannusta!

12 Dec 2007

Liquor and Drugs, Death and Madness

Two new images, and I’m so tired I can hardly think. So, I’ll keep this brief: The first one is called the “Trip of No Return” and the second should be clear enough as it is.

Drugs and Madness – Death, Booze and Blues.

Trip of No Return Mourning Blues
30 Jul 2007

I was a Teenage Glen Danzig!

This one’s a one pager comic for a forum activity. The theme for the activity was "I was a teenage zombie." Even tougher than being a teenage zombie is being a teenage Glen Danzig. Poor kid.

I was a Teenage Glen Danzig!
17 Mar 2007

The Rock Number of the Beast

While I normally frown at all obnoxiously loud, aggressive and rude lowbrow music like "rock", "metal" or – heaven help me – "punk", I’ve found myself fascinated by the gentle rhythms and touching lyrics of the psycho punkabilly band Mad Sin’s latest album "Dead Moon’s Calling." So much in fact that I felt like doing some obnoxious rock ‘n’ roll art of my own.

So I came up with my own Psychobilly Guitar Slinger that plays faster than Lee Van Cleef draws his Colt – and louder than six Motörheads put together. He doesn’t need a name; he’s so cool that even hell freezes over him – and when he strikes a chord, even fucking angels fall off their clouds and in love with him.

The Rock Number of the Beast

And as a bonus image, here’s a quickie I did long ago. She’s not someone to fuck around with either.

The Babe Rocks Me