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26 May 2009

Grace Kelly Blues

Grace Kelly was gorgeous but unlike – for example – her contemporary Audrey Hepburn who had a very distinct face and look, Grace was more of an epitome of neutral beauty – whatever that may be. That makes her really difficult to draw. Even if you get a decent likeness, you might still end up with a drawing of beautiful but generic looking dame…

So I decided to go for mood instead. Maybe young Grace Kelly getting a brief glimpse at the crystal ball – and her eventual fate.

Grace Kelly Blues

5 Feb 2009


Had a peculiar experience earlier this week. I hurt my ankle on the weekend and couldn’t really put my weight on it for a couple of days. On Monday I stepped out to get some groceries from the little store across the street. This is what happened:


Oh wow, don’t go over the top with those dreams man! A little depressing but, still, I found it oddly funny since I was acting so true to form, being caught off-guard.

I was drawing an hourly comic (a day late) but it was really boring to do when you have nothing else to do but sit by yourself with your leg propped up. This strip was part of that thing…

10 Nov 2008

More Caricatures of Stylus Members

Two more quick caricatures – even thought the second one is more like a sloppy portrait. The first is Tristan and the second is Minusbaby.

Tristan and Minusbaby
Caricature of Tristan Caricature of Minusbaby
15 Oct 2008

Tall Self-portrait

I’m a fairly big man but not this big.

Teemu over Tokyo

Initially this just supposed to be a stylized self-portrait for a forum activity, but then it occurred to me that with minor adjustments it would fit another activity too: Japanese Giant Monsters at U16! Better to look like a silly giant than some lame-ass pop punk promo picture.

Swiped the photo for the quick montage from Satyendra.

13 Apr 2008

Caricatures of Stylus Members

Here are a few quick caricatures I’ve done of fellow Stylus members over the past few months. Not really funny ones, but at least couple of them have decent likenesses. But they were fun to do.

Here are the reference images…

Stylus Members

…And the caricatures themselves.

Kiel Jim
John Dave

Check their sites too. In order of appearance. Kiel’s, Jim’s, John’s and Dave’s.

17 Jul 2007

Self Portrait

Well, this one’s pretty self-explanatory – it’s a digital painting of me. I usually dislike doing self portraits, mostly because it seems that my mug is pretty difficult for me to get right and I don’t have the patience to stare at my face for that long.

I found a sketch that I did sometime last winter, and after adjusting it to match how I look today, I painted the thing as an exercise to try and get a golden age look for the image. I think it turned out okay, and – if nothing else – at least now I have one fairly accurate painting of myself (looking fairly sane) to use in case I need one. Yay, the world cheers.

Self Portrait