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23 Aug 2009

Excerpts from the Sketchbook

Here are a few pages from my sketchbook that I doodled last week that I spent at a summer cabin. The first one is actually from an earlier visit but who cares…

From the Sketchbook 1 From the Sketchbook 2 From the Sketchbook 3 - Photoreferenced Drawings From the Sketchbook 4 From the Sketchbook 5

The third page is just some random people I drew from a few magazines. I’m not too crazy about how clinical the line work looks when I draw from referenced so I tried a different approach for one of the faces. It ended up looking like a teenage girl drew it – no good.

26 May 2009

Grace Kelly Blues

Grace Kelly was gorgeous but unlike – for example – her contemporary Audrey Hepburn who had a very distinct face and look, Grace was more of an epitome of neutral beauty – whatever that may be. That makes her really difficult to draw. Even if you get a decent likeness, you might still end up with a drawing of beautiful but generic looking dame…

So I decided to go for mood instead. Maybe young Grace Kelly getting a brief glimpse at the crystal ball – and her eventual fate.

Grace Kelly Blues

10 Nov 2008

More Caricatures of Stylus Members

Two more quick caricatures – even thought the second one is more like a sloppy portrait. The first is Tristan and the second is Minusbaby.

Tristan and Minusbaby
Caricature of Tristan Caricature of Minusbaby
11 Sep 2008

Blonde with Blue Background

Hah, couldn’t put this after the two previous naked ladies. Three in a row is just too much for a family entertainment blog such as this one. But now that there’s an image with a girl in lingerie breaking the pattern, I can post this one as well. Sooo…

Hee’s another nude blonde I did as warm up.

Blonde with Blue Background
2 Sep 2008

Sinister Girl

And yet another photoreffed girl. Yes, I’ve been doing other stuff too, but can’t show that at least for the time being. So you’ll have to settle for these quickies.

Sinister looking nude girl
26 Aug 2008

A Traditional Bunch

First another photo referenced girl. Pencil, colored pencil and paint marker on recycled paper.

Proud Girl

And a few that were drawn from life.

From life 1 From life 2 From life 3 From life 4
18 Jul 2008

Why the Long Face, Hulk Hogan?

I can’t imagine why… Or can I?

Hulk Caricature

Edit: Revised poor Hulkster for better likeness and overall betterness.

12 Jul 2008

Another Caricature

This blog needs an update. Here’s one. It’s a caricature of yet another Stylus member, Emma.

Emma caricature
Emma reference
2 Jul 2008

Frederik and Tarja

I bought some more markers, colored ones this time around. They sure are lots of fun and handy to use.

Here’s a couple of fairly quick caricatures done with them. The first one is of the “Finnish Hasselhoff”, Frederik, who’s already a sort of a caricature the way he really is. The original reference was a thumbnail sized photo in a newspaper, but the photo displayed here is a better version borrowed from his website. The man is like 63 (or something) and has a sweatband and a pierced eyebrow (edit: must not forget the mullet!) . Macho, so macho. Phew!

And the second one is of course the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen. Took less than an hour on this one. Frederik took maybe two.

Reference images
Frederik Tarja
16 Jun 2008

Couple of Characters

Just a couple of character designs for U16’s Monster Mash activity. Go play with the Mashmaster and create a few surreal combinations.

Who run Bartertown?!
Dancing makes the Lord Cry

I’ve had some syndication feed trouble since I updated to WordPress 2.5.1. Sorry about that, I hope it works now.

11 May 2008

Reflected Light on a Girl

Well, here’s another one of these girlie speedpaints – fairly loose one this time around. I liked the lighting and all the reflected light in the reference image.

Reflected light on a Girl
25 Apr 2008

Henry Chinaski

A caricature of Charles Bukowski’s best known character – or at least the only one that I remember by name.

Or maybe it’s the author himself?


For U16’s Literary Illuminations activity.