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4 Mar 2009

Tempesthole in How Top Ten

How Magazine's Top Ten

I received a pleasant email from the Senior Editor of How Magazine. It informed me that has been chosen as one of their Top 10 Sites for Designers for this month, March 2009.

A utterly and completely unexpected honor but no less appreciated. It’s nice to see the effort I’ve put into the site doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you very much, How.

12 Jan 2007

Martti Mykkänen at Process Junkie

This is old news, since Alberto Ruiz already posted this stuff on his wonderful blog in last spring, but I’d say it’s pretty valid especially to all Finnish designers and illustrators.

In Alberto’s words: Born in 1926 in Finland, the godfather of constructivist graphic design.

Martti Mykkänen's work

Click the image above to view the whole blog entry with several impressive book covers and illustrations. Check out the whole blog while you’re at it, Mr Ruiz’s stylish sketches of women are well worth the look. A word of warning though, he has the RadioBlogClub player blaring away on the blog and it can be really loud if you get caught by surprise.