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16 Jul 2008

The Wrong Crowd

On some of those foggy nights out, when the fog somehow clears up a bit, you may realize that that crowd you’ve been keeping isn’t exactly what you thought it was.

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. More often to the worst, though.


For Illustration Friday’s theme "Foggy" and slightly inspired by this. (And apparently someone beat me to it slightly with his "vampire zombie" comment. Vampire zombie?).

23 Mar 2008

Quicker than His Own Shadow

Well, old west gun fighters were known to meet premature deaths. If you were too good of a gun, though – a piece of lead might not have been the thing that proved fatal in your lungs…

Lucky Strike Luke

Inspired by a girl I see smoking outside my window every work day. She always looks like she’s freezing her skinny ass off getting her regular dose of nicotine and tar.

Did this for Unit 16’s Western Activity, but it also fits Illustration Friday’s theme for this week: "Pet peeves." How convenient! Not my pet peeve, but then again pretty much all public, indoor spaces in Finland are smoke-free these days.

23 May 2007

Birthday Card for Shane

As a community activity, we’re doing custom birthday cards for seven year old Shane Bernier who’s suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and has wished for people to send him cards on his birthday. He’s aiming at 350 million cards to break the record of the current holder.

This is Shane:


It’s a nice change of pace doing something for charity. Probably one the reasons I got my lazy ass to actually doing this is that just a week ago I was exposed to this, and I still feel a little affected. Fucking awful, I’m feeling bad just typing a blog entry about that stuff.

Here’s the card I came up with:

Shane of the Fast Lane

Now, Shane’s birthday is in just a few days – on 30th of May – but I’m sure he won’t mind cards arriving late. So, especially if you’re within reasonable mailing distance, drop the boy a card.

Edit: I can’t help but feel a bit like an asshole for submitting this to IF with the nature of the site being self promotion as it is. Nevertheless, it is a new piece and fits the theme ("Cars") a little too well for me to pass.

I suppose it might be a bit more exposure for Shane’s effort too.

20 Feb 2007


This was made for this week’s Illustration Friday – Gravity.

I’m not entirely sure if this is in fact a romantic piece, or if they’re just practicing for the annual Wife Carrying World Championships. If the latter is the case, I’m pretty sure another couple will collect the prize.

Wife carrying

In case you’re wondering – what he’s saying pretty accurately translates "I’m still up for it, my dearest sweet honey pie."

30 Jan 2007

This isn’t mine!

Ever found clothes that you have absolutely no idea who they belong to and yet somehow are still mixed with yours? Like someone’s swapped one of your manly, perforated, black socks to a worn-out old woman’s support bra that you could store bowling balls in?

Yep, back to the public washing machine.

This isn't mine!

This one was also for Illustration Friday, this week’s theme being red.

21 Jan 2007

More and Less Super Superheroes

On Illustration Friday the theme for the week is Superheroes. Yay, what a way to get creative juices flowing! Instead of going for those age old, steroid popping Pro Wrestlers of the comic book world, I felt like creating more down-to-earth characters – Stuck ankle deep in it for some of them.

So without further a due, here’s a really motley crew of heroes of the night:
The loners, the Door Patrol, the Brotherhood of Jack, the Dynamic Duo of Prowler and Distractor and finally the lovely ladies for whom I failed to come up with a catchy group name. Watch out for foul language.

Superheroes 2 Superheroes 3 Superheroes 4Superheroes 1

And here’s a small comic about Bitterman. Kind of like "Bitterman Reborn (again)".

Bat-Man vs The Law