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20 Dec 2009

Phone Stalker

Hi, I’m back. After a month of slacking and a another one being crazy busy with a new day job, I think it’s about time to get back to regular updates.

So for starters here’s a little something I did for the Character Tag Team activity at Unit 16 again. After CamdenLikesGreen’s hedgehog sketch.

Phone Stalker

13 Mar 2009

Friends or Foes

“Friends or Foes” is a short comic I did last fall for a comic anthology that unfortunately hit the rocks and never got published. Too bad. Based on what I saw  there would’ve been good stuff in it. Curse you, recession!

Read it here! And enjoy…

5 Feb 2009


Had a peculiar experience earlier this week. I hurt my ankle on the weekend and couldn’t really put my weight on it for a couple of days. On Monday I stepped out to get some groceries from the little store across the street. This is what happened:


Oh wow, don’t go over the top with those dreams man! A little depressing but, still, I found it oddly funny since I was acting so true to form, being caught off-guard.

I was drawing an hourly comic (a day late) but it was really boring to do when you have nothing else to do but sit by yourself with your leg propped up. This strip was part of that thing…

29 Jan 2009

Poet Comic

Here’s a short comic for U16’s SPAM fest 2009 activity. The idea of the activity was to take a subject line of a spam message and illustrate it. I took the idea a bit further:

Poet Comic

Honestly, the message didn’t even have a link anywhere and the only indication of what the point could have been was the sender’s address which linked to a project that apparently happened in year 2000. Go figure…

11 Oct 2008

Comic Frames for Collaboration

These are just a couple of frames for a comic collaboration going on at Stylus. They’re out of context, so they don’t make much sense, but I thought they’re entertaining enough to posted anyway. The second one is all natural media.

Comic Frame 1 Comic Frame 2
13 Apr 2008

Caricatures of Stylus Members

Here are a few quick caricatures I’ve done of fellow Stylus members over the past few months. Not really funny ones, but at least couple of them have decent likenesses. But they were fun to do.

Here are the reference images…

Stylus Members

…And the caricatures themselves.

Kiel Jim
John Dave

Check their sites too. In order of appearance. Kiel’s, Jim’s, John’s and Dave’s.

17 Oct 2007

Nazis, Turbomen and… Giant Boobiess!

Here we have another case of things getting out of hand. It’s comic for yet another U16 activity, "sequential exercise". The comic may not make much sense without the previous pages so you might want to check them on the forum as well.

Shit, this was a lot of work. Deciding to do a Google Sketchup 3D-model of the castle sure didn’t help either – except the actual drawing phase, of course. It would’ve been faster to just draw the castle the old way, though – but maybe someone else can use the model later on as well.

So to begin, here are some sketches I did to get to know the characters and their gear – as well as the said castle model. You can download the Sketchup file for castle here and use it as you like.

Turboman Sketches Castle Model

And the actual comic:

Turboman Comic
30 Jul 2007

I was a Teenage Glen Danzig!

This one’s a one pager comic for a forum activity. The theme for the activity was "I was a teenage zombie." Even tougher than being a teenage zombie is being a teenage Glen Danzig. Poor kid.

I was a Teenage Glen Danzig!
20 May 2007

The Foot Laments

I’ve been thinking I need to draw more feet. Using your own feet for reference is a little kinky (as in "inconvenient" kinky) and I haven’t yet felt like browsing any foot fetish sites for finding reference images. So I still need to practice drawing feet because I haven’t even started yet.

But the feet issue reminded me of an old comic I did roughly two and half years ago. It was originally published in "66°:25° #5". I wrote and drew the whole thing in couple of days of miraculous creative frenzy. That happens once in a blue moon and I’ve yet to witness another such occurrence. I really should draw more comics, but I seem to be overwhelmed by the effort to write a plot that I feel is worth drawing.

The Foot Laments 1/3 The Foot Laments 2/3 The Foot Laments 3/3

The comic was sort of a poke at all the whiny, autobiographical comics with people doing nothing but smoking, lying down and being all angst-ridden in their inner monologues.

17 Feb 2007

The Sweetest Valentines

Here’s a bit of a follow up to the Valentine’s Day card. I thought it would be something nice, fun and quickly done (…like that’s ever happened with any personal pieces) but I didn’t even have the time to start working on it until after valentine’s day.

Ironically the idea was to portray a few characters that weren’t very likely to be anyone’s valentines. That way they could be sort of imaginary friends to send the card if you don’t have any real ones (or they’re all assholes).

But better late than never, eh? Show them some love!

Sweetest Valentines
27 Jan 2007

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Still continued on the theme of superheroes. This time it’s Poison Ivy (from Batman naturally). I whipped it together for a DC-themed weekly activity at the Eatpoo Forums.

Even though this was quite a quick piece, its nice to be posting something more finished for change.

21 Jan 2007

More and Less Super Superheroes

On Illustration Friday the theme for the week is Superheroes. Yay, what a way to get creative juices flowing! Instead of going for those age old, steroid popping Pro Wrestlers of the comic book world, I felt like creating more down-to-earth characters – Stuck ankle deep in it for some of them.

So without further a due, here’s a really motley crew of heroes of the night:
The loners, the Door Patrol, the Brotherhood of Jack, the Dynamic Duo of Prowler and Distractor and finally the lovely ladies for whom I failed to come up with a catchy group name. Watch out for foul language.

Superheroes 2 Superheroes 3 Superheroes 4Superheroes 1

And here’s a small comic about Bitterman. Kind of like "Bitterman Reborn (again)".

Bat-Man vs The Law