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24 Jun 2009


Here’s someone I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time and who seems to fascinate me to no end: Glenn Danzig.

A bit of eerie synchronicity going on as well: Going through some biographies I just realized that I finished the image – truly unbeknownst to myself – on his damn birthday, June 23rd. So happy birthday, Glenn…

Glenn Danzig

Fucking metal. Serious business.

26 May 2009

Grace Kelly Blues

Grace Kelly was gorgeous but unlike – for example – her contemporary Audrey Hepburn who had a very distinct face and look, Grace was more of an epitome of neutral beauty – whatever that may be. That makes her really difficult to draw. Even if you get a decent likeness, you might still end up with a drawing of beautiful but generic looking dame…

So I decided to go for mood instead. Maybe young Grace Kelly getting a brief glimpse at the crystal ball – and her eventual fate.

Grace Kelly Blues

19 Jan 2009

Good Riddance, Cowboy

Barack Obama’s inauguration will be happening tomorrow January 20th, which means the good ol’ boy in power will step down too.

So, goodbye Bush – don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Hope the next time we hear from will be when you’re put on trial.*

Good Riddance, Cowboy

In the mean time, the Guantánamo Bay detention camp is still running with full steam. You can sign a petition to challenge President Obama to close Guantãnamo, put an end to illegal detention, torture and impunity at Amnesty International’s 100 Days Challenge website. It only takes a minute to do it.

For more info about Amnesty’s framework to end illegal U.S. detentions check out

*) Not holding my breath, though.

18 Jul 2008

Why the Long Face, Hulk Hogan?

I can’t imagine why… Or can I?

Hulk Caricature

Edit: Revised poor Hulkster for better likeness and overall betterness.

2 Jul 2008

Frederik and Tarja

I bought some more markers, colored ones this time around. They sure are lots of fun and handy to use.

Here’s a couple of fairly quick caricatures done with them. The first one is of the “Finnish Hasselhoff”, Frederik, who’s already a sort of a caricature the way he really is. The original reference was a thumbnail sized photo in a newspaper, but the photo displayed here is a better version borrowed from his website. The man is like 63 (or something) and has a sweatband and a pierced eyebrow (edit: must not forget the mullet!) . Macho, so macho. Phew!

And the second one is of course the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen. Took less than an hour on this one. Frederik took maybe two.

Reference images
Frederik Tarja
25 Apr 2008

Henry Chinaski

A caricature of Charles Bukowski’s best known character – or at least the only one that I remember by name.

Or maybe it’s the author himself?


For U16’s Literary Illuminations activity.

14 Feb 2008

Filthy Valentine’s Day and Free Cards!

Well, not entirely filthy. Just a regular “Happy Valentine’s Day!” for the most of you. Sincerely. Really.

Happy Valentine's Day!

And if you see yourself as worthy, treat yourself to the filthy valentine too.

This Valentines day card was done for the Stylus Art Collective’s “Filthy Valentines” challenge. You can find a printable PDF and emailable version of the card at Stylus blog along with the rest of the dirty, dirty Valentine’s day cards. Some of them are probably not safe for work…

Filthy Valentine's Day!

… but shouldn’t you working instead of surfing anyways.