23 Sep 2011 By Teemu

Windshield Indy

I got commissioned to do an illustration for the Finnish car magazine Tuulilasi (which translates into “Windshield”, hence the post title). It was for an article about a survey on where (Finnish) consumers seek information when they’re considering a new car. Car magazines – against expectations – clearly turned out to be the most important source – rather than, say, the Web. Since the article was to be loaded with facts, the client felt that the illustration could have a humorous slant and not be too literal.

Of course, when I got started with the illustration the actual article didn’t even exist, so there was little chance of getting too literal…

The image had a quick turn-around (only a few days, including a weekend) so I did some brainstorming, drew a few idea roughs as a pitch and send them to the client.

Tuulilasi Indy Roughs

A was an Indiana Jones type of fellow exploring a temple-like car store, using a magazine as a map.
B was another guy using a magazine as a cover from the rain while running towards a car store.
And finally C shows a third guy familiarizing himself with the options after finding himself faced with an acute need for a new car.

Client went for A and after discussing what was wanted I set to work.

Tuulilasi Indy Sketch

Above is my sketch and below what I ended up with – along with a quick spot illustration:

Windshield Indy Final Tuulilasi Indy Spot

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  1. TT on

    Selailin just uutta Tuulilasia ja näin siinä sun tekemän ekoautokuvituksen, joka oli niin mielenkiintoisen näköinen, että oli pakko rynnätä heti googlettamaan! Tykkään hirveästi sun tyylistä piirtää ihmisiä, sopivan sarjakuvamainen ja realistinen samaan aikaan.