6 Mar 2010 By Teemu

Drinking and Drawing

Here are some doodles that I’ve done over a few nights of drinking and drawing. Pretty much all typical motifs for those nights are represented: Superheroes, rockers, barbarians, women and general bad taste… For many of these I picked a theme and stuck with it until the next paper.

Artists Moustaches Random Stuff Conan & Frank Castle Eletkra & Ghost Rider More Superheroes and Others Robbers Women in the Cab Line Women in the Nude Another Women and Self Portrait Rockers in Leather Jackets Skeletor

Jeez, the site sure is slow today.

3 Responses

  1. Daniel Belchí on

    I like the strength of the lines in these drawings. And I love the “naive” and synthesized vision of the human anatomy in all characters, especially of the heroes. I like a ton, Teemu!

  2. George Cwirko-godycki on

    I love this stuff! you do great with such a thin line!

  3. Jacob on

    You’re a killer drawer. These are really nice pieces and your Pinhead down below I wish I drew myself.