22 Feb 2010 By Teemu

Commando vs. Demon Nazi

Couple of quick images done for a “Draw My Character” activity at a forum. The first one is based on Chi-Yun Lau’s character.

Commando Demon Nazi or a Nazi Demon

4 Responses

  1. Daniel Belchí on

    Wow, you’re a crack, Teemu, a great crack!

    Manga Studio for the lines and Photoshop for the color, maybe?

    Are you doing comics? Some books of illustrations?

  2. George Cwirko-godycki on

    great drawings, i love the color and value

  3. Teemu on

    Thanks fellas!

    Daniel, they’re all done in Manga Studio, besides the gradient in the nazi piece that I slapped on in PS.

    I got a dayjob as a graphic designer a few months back, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve gotten to do some illustration work too (being the AD, heh), but time is always so short.

  4. scott VB on

    I concur with george – these ones have a real neat mutedness to them that I love – awesome Teemu!