5 May 2009 By Teemu


Jacob Winkler did a nice take on Superwoman at U16’s CTT Turbo, so I thought I’d do a take on his take for fun. Originally I was attracted to the nightmarish quality of Jacobs image, but in the end went for something else.

I opted to go for a more practical, “realistic” design rather than the typical top-heavy spiked heels and microskirt type of designs you often see in superhero comics.

Superwoman Smash Hulk

Didn’t even realize that Hulk is a Marvel character until I’d already finished the piece. Oh well, same difference.

2 Responses

  1. Jacob Winkler on

    Hello again after a long time. I love this drawing: beautiful colours, great pose and excellent details. I also like how you pulled the super “S” up to the top of the chest and sat it between the cape.

    The rockers in the earlier post are really nice too. Might i ask the names of some of the bands of the evening?

  2. Teemu on

    Thanks again, man. I like how Superwoman turned out too. Nice simple drawing that turned out easily enough.

    As to the music – if I remember anything correctly – the country bands were Hank William III, The .357 String Band (excellent punk influenced bluegrass) and Johnny Cash probably. And the metal, hmm… Krisiun and High on Fire mostly, probably. No Danzig that night even though I did intend the vocalist to look a bit like him, hah!