10 Nov 2008 By Teemu

More Caricatures of Stylus Members

Two more quick caricatures – even thought the second one is more like a sloppy portrait. The first is Tristan and the second is Minusbaby.

Tristan and Minusbaby
Caricature of Tristan Caricature of Minusbaby

6 Responses

  1. Tristan on

    HA i’m officially scared!

  2. Teemu on

    Do I get a certificate? :)

  3. minusbaby on

    haha Whoa, I just found this by mistake. Thanks for drawing me like a savage; it’s great! <)X’D

  4. Teemu on

    Hahah, no problem. Savages are my specialty!

  5. Cristian on

    could u please get in contact with me….i ve got some technical questions about the making of the caricatures. i also am a grafician and i d also like to know what program you re using. thanks! in advance

  6. Teemu on

    Hey Christian,

    These images were both done in Photoshop.