14 May 2008 By Teemu

Squirrel Meat and Moonshine

Nothing beats roasted squirrel and moonshine. No sir. These are for U16’s CTT activity. The first one is based on Adam Duncan’s sketch. And the second is just a quick color sketch for the next in line. It depicts a girl with a big butt.

Squirrel Meat and Moonshine Fat Ass Girl

3 Responses

  1. scott on

    awesome work lately teemu . love that ‘wide load’ sketch !

  2. Teemu on

    Thank you, Scott. It’s good to be really drawing again!

  3. Matthew on

    The Hotty With Fat Fat Butt Looks Like A Teacher At My School, Only The One In The Picture Is About 5 Times Larger, Yet Just As Hot (which is very)