21 May 2008 By Teemu

Shopping Mall Family

This illustration was done for marketing materials for a recently opened shopping mall. The assignment was basically to visually design and show the different members of the consumer family and their pet moose who are regulars at the mall. Each character’s design had to elicit a specific personality and interests.

Family at the Shopping Mall

4 Responses

  1. Amanda Vazquez on

    I’ve reached to your web site through Google, and it’s awesome.
    People like you makes me feel sooo envious :D

    Wish I could draw like you someday!

    Regards from Spain


  2. Teemu on

    Thank you, Amanda.

    Looks like your comment got caught in my spam filter, sorry about that.

  3. Amanda Vazquez on

    No problem.
    No, I’m a visitor of your blog, and I’ve recommended it to my friends.