11 Dec 2007 By Teemu

Undead Gangster

Well, this one’s pretty self explanatory. Tommy gun and all.

I could add, though, that I did some digging around with my old sketches, and this is actually based on a quick sketch from 2005. He used to be a card shark, snake-oil salesman or something like that back then, though.

Undead Gangster

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  3. Richard on

    after searching and searching i could not find a picture of a zombie gangster for mine and my friends website, then i came across yours. Would i be able to use this picture on the website?
    (im new to this)

  4. Adam on

    I really like this look. I am creating a tank top/t shirt line and could use an artist like you. I am willing to pay for images, please contact me via email at effinfrash@gmail.com .

  5. Lorna on

    Nice!! :)