11 Sep 2007 By Teemu

With you always!

For the Eatpoo activity "Satan, With You Always". The theme for the activity is of course a spin on the "Jesus – With You Always" -website which depicts the said son of God watching over people in a – well – quite creepy (and unintentionally funny) way.

I figure that Satan wouldn’t bother so I went for a different approach. Instead of "Satan, with you always," I present to you: "Always with you, Satan!"

Always with you, Satan!

I say he’s still better off than Jesus, though.

3 Responses

  1. Me on

    honestly i laughed when i saw this
    sterotypical as it was
    still funny as all heck

    think you need to rethink you’re last statement though
    seems abit underthought
    have a nice day
    and just to through in a smacking hint
    God Bless Ya!

  2. Legion259 on

    I love that picture…Mainly the Black Metal dude cause that looks like me most of the time..And the Satanic pope..As a Satanist myself I find it funny and goofy and no I don’t kill children or innocent animals..I just follow the ways of a different God

  3. Teryo on

    Nice! XD I LOVE this drawing. It is so on point with subjects like personal responsibility. Very nice work.