24 Aug 2007 By Teemu

Blue Skull Smileys – Complete Set

It was brought to my knowledge that the smileys I posted earlier didn’t work with MSN messenger. Well, that wasn’t really a surprise, since I hadn’t even thought that they could be used that way too. But it gave me a push to work on them a little more – well, actually completely redoing them.

The problem with MSN was that it uses 19 px emoticons instead of the 16 px I’d done. That fit me fine, since I’d already thought of doing bigger versions of them, to get clearer expressions. And true enough, the extra 3 pixels make a big difference and the new ones were much easier to do too.

I don’t think I’ll go into any detail about the design process – so here’s the full set of the twenty emoticons:

:) :D LOL ;) :P :b :( :[ :...( :o
:O x[ :/ :| x.x 8) B) love oops grumble

Or you can download the whole set as a single zip-file too. Have fun and use however you see fit.

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