18 Jun 2007 By Teemu

Sketch Extravaganza 18.6.07

Here’s just some random stuff from my sketchbook. They’re all drawn with a rollerball pen – usually late at night, just before going to bed. If there’s a word to describe these, "sketchy" would probably be it.

On the second page, I have some rejected, first idea sketches for Stylus Art Forum’s calendar activity.

Sketches of Nekkid Women Stylus Calendar Sketches

And the rest are referenced from photographs from various sources – including mugshots, portrait photography and titty pictures. The devil of the first one I hallucinated during a four week cocaine binge with Johnny Depp – and the geeky looking smoker on the second was an Australian(?) tourist, who I drew from memory and did no justice at all. He had a white guy’s afro and his sweatpants were tugged into his socks.

People More People Even More People

3 Responses

  1. Uinku on

    Discovered your website through the poo! Absolutely love it! I’ll visit your blog everyday, so update it often! :P

  2. Teemu on

    I’m glad you like it. :)

    Let me know, when you set up that blog, eh?

  3. Jelter on

    I really like some of those drawings.