27 May 2007 By Teemu

Two Heads are Better than None

She once was a Nubian pirate princess, who’s ferocity was second to none. She killed men in battle, and men in bed. In fact, in the making of her doom, when she finally was caught, all the heads of all her poor, missing husbands were found – in her cabinet, reeking of blood, rot and misguided love. And as poetic justice was done, she too was sent to roam hell, lost and without her head.

They say to "kill the head and the body will die," but truly wise men know that death isn’t enough for someone who has a deal with the Devil and heads to spare.

For damned she is – but not in hell and no more without a head. Yarrr!

One Response

  1. Hannu on

    Ahoy sailor!
    Make your next port of call Tampere, and lets have some brew!
    Started working at the newspaper and living in Pispala. The Pispala Ridge so to say. So if you come to south..