9 May 2007 By Teemu

Jebe the Gladiator

Another one for the Eatpoo weeklies. He’s a gladiator, and a mean one too. If he seems a little unbalanced, that’s nothing compared to his mental state. The engine doesn’t probably help either, but let’s see someone try and headbutt him.

Jebe the Glladiator

10 Responses

  1. Ray Frenden on

    The banded leg is a nice touch!

  2. Teemu on

    Thanks man. I been anxiously waiting for you to get your new site online!

  3. Ray Frenden on

    Me too! I’ve been too busy to work on it till recently. Should be up in a bit. Woo!

  4. George Cwirko-Godycki on

    very cool, is that a dave curd influence

  5. George Cwirko-Godycki on

    that was supposed to end in a question mark!

    i liuke the colors and the smooth rendering on top of a nice drawing

  6. Teemu on

    Thank George!
    Not so much Dave influence on this particular piece, but for many of the others he’s there alright.

    I did intend him to be a manly, stand-up hick with a mullet and a bunch of dirty tricks, but somehow along the way he came out looking like a transvestite on his day off.

  7. Hannu on

    Hi Teemu!
    Did you have decent hangover from last time? I sure did. See ya around!

  8. Teemu on

    Nah, I had to work the next day. But the perks of the job is that I get to wake up when I want to.
    You’re just shit out of practice with your family/career building operation, my man. ;)

  9. Hannu on

    You sound so much cooler with english. Haha :D
    But its so true, im out of touch with my chem resistant levels. And smoking like “korsteeni” isnt helping or drinking with Bertie.
    And i WAS supposed to work the next day…damn

  10. Teemu on

    HAH! It’s just like being in a Bruce Willis -movie!
    …or maybe being in a transcript of a Schwarzenegger movie is more accurate.