23 May 2007 By Teemu

Birthday Card for Shane

As a community activity, we’re doing custom birthday cards for seven year old Shane Bernier who’s suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and has wished for people to send him cards on his birthday. He’s aiming at 350 million cards to break the record of the current holder.

This is Shane:


It’s a nice change of pace doing something for charity. Probably one the reasons I got my lazy ass to actually doing this is that just a week ago I was exposed to this, and I still feel a little affected. Fucking awful, I’m feeling bad just typing a blog entry about that stuff.

Here’s the card I came up with:

Shane of the Fast Lane

Now, Shane’s birthday is in just a few days – on 30th of May – but I’m sure he won’t mind cards arriving late. So, especially if you’re within reasonable mailing distance, drop the boy a card.

Edit: I can’t help but feel a bit like an asshole for submitting this to IF with the nature of the site being self promotion as it is. Nevertheless, it is a new piece and fits the theme ("Cars") a little too well for me to pass.

I suppose it might be a bit more exposure for Shane’s effort too.

7 Responses

  1. Hannu on

    Nice one man. Really good thing you are doing.

  2. studerdoodle on

    Great illo! Thanks for sharing the link to Shane, sending a card out today!

  3. benconservato on

    Hey don’t feel bad, a blog entry is something you have done, even if you think you are stroking your ego… it is all a bit like that. I think it is a good thing you have done, don’t be ashamed!

  4. May the Blogie-Talkie on

    will do…just get my boy to draw a pictures. thanks for sharing…

  5. Teemu on

    Thanks guys.
    Nice to see I reached some people who hadn’t been exposed to the link before.

  6. Michelle Lana on

    wonderful work….and a good thing you’re doing…

  7. Vhrsti on

    great work. there is nothing to say.