17 Feb 2007 By Teemu

The Sweetest Valentines

Here’s a bit of a follow up to the Valentine’s Day card. I thought it would be something nice, fun and quickly done (…like that’s ever happened with any personal pieces) but I didn’t even have the time to start working on it until after valentine’s day.

Ironically the idea was to portray a few characters that weren’t very likely to be anyone’s valentines. That way they could be sort of imaginary friends to send the card if you don’t have any real ones (or they’re all assholes).

But better late than never, eh? Show them some love!

Sweetest Valentines

2 Responses

  1. Wetterschneider on

    I don’t say this very often: dude, you’re a god! This is an amazing illo, it is totally poster-worthy.

  2. Teemu on

    Thanks man!
    Incidentally one of the reasons I did that thing was to get something hanging on my bare walls. ;)