4 Feb 2007 By Teemu


George CG came up with a great idea of drawing several fast creature sketches based on a brief description like
"4 arms, 3 eyes, insect wings, arms longer than torso, reptile tail, elephant legs, claws"

That was the description George came up with and I figured it’s good enough for me too. I took a little longer than George’s time limit of 20 minutes, but these were quick ones nevertheless. They’re called Keanu, Daisy and the last one just likes to be called "F".

Keanu Daisy Kruegture

I suspect I was receiving someone else’s acid induced flashbacks from the sixties.

2 Responses

  1. George Cwirko-Godycki on

    awesome dude! and dont give me so much credit :D

  2. Elmyra Duff on

    Hi teemu! I think your characters are really originals, expressive and funny. Good technique!