21 Jan 2007 By Teemu

More and Less Super Superheroes

On Illustration Friday the theme for the week is Superheroes. Yay, what a way to get creative juices flowing! Instead of going for those age old, steroid popping Pro Wrestlers of the comic book world, I felt like creating more down-to-earth characters – Stuck ankle deep in it for some of them.

So without further a due, here’s a really motley crew of heroes of the night:
The loners, the Door Patrol, the Brotherhood of Jack, the Dynamic Duo of Prowler and Distractor and finally the lovely ladies for whom I failed to come up with a catchy group name. Watch out for foul language.

Superheroes 2 Superheroes 3 Superheroes 4Superheroes 1

And here’s a small comic about Bitterman. Kind of like "Bitterman Reborn (again)".

Bat-Man vs The Law

2 Responses

  1. steve on

    These are pretty hilarious and I love your comic style. Great stuff!

  2. George Cwirko-Godycki on

    your style is pretty fierce, awesome