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9 Jun 2009

Rodent Fashion

Another two for the CTT at U16. First one is after Mike Monroe’s sketch of – to me – a bit insecure looking rodent. So here he is with a friend, overcompensating:

Rodent Fashion

And my entry for the next in line, a gentler, more confident fella:

Lifeguard Whale

26 May 2009

Grace Kelly Blues

Grace Kelly was gorgeous but unlike – for example – her contemporary Audrey Hepburn who had a very distinct face and look, Grace was more of an epitome of neutral beauty – whatever that may be. That makes her really difficult to draw. Even if you get a decent likeness, you might still end up with a drawing of beautiful but generic looking dame…

So I decided to go for mood instead. Maybe young Grace Kelly getting a brief glimpse at the crystal ball – and her eventual fate.

Grace Kelly Blues

5 May 2009


Jacob Winkler did a nice take on Superwoman at U16’s CTT Turbo, so I thought I’d do a take on his take for fun. Originally I was attracted to the nightmarish quality of Jacobs image, but in the end went for something else.

I opted to go for a more practical, “realistic” design rather than the typical top-heavy spiked heels and microskirt type of designs you often see in superhero comics.

Superwoman Smash Hulk

Didn’t even realize that Hulk is a Marvel character until I’d already finished the piece. Oh well, same difference.

13 Mar 2009

Friends or Foes

“Friends or Foes” is a short comic I did last fall for a comic anthology that unfortunately hit the rocks and never got published. Too bad. Based on what I saw  there would’ve been good stuff in it. Curse you, recession!

Read it here! And enjoy…

4 Mar 2009

Tempesthole in How Top Ten

How Magazine's Top Ten

I received a pleasant email from the Senior Editor of How Magazine. It informed me that has been chosen as one of their Top 10 Sites for Designers for this month, March 2009.

A utterly and completely unexpected honor but no less appreciated. It’s nice to see the effort I’ve put into the site doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you very much, How.

13 Feb 2009


Hard times are a-coming but fortunately the help is here.


We just have to let a few (thousand) of you go, and it’ll be just fine.

9 Feb 2009

Riot Squad

I managed to do another entry for the SPAM fest 2009 activity over at Unit 16. This time the spam subject line I illustrated was:

“Shoot like a Pornstar?”

Well, hell yeah!

In fact I did two versions of the illustration since I couldn’t decide which one I like best.

Riot Squad - version 1 Riot Squad - version 2

Second one is referring to a famous quote by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon:

Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and tyrant, and I declare him my enemy.

29 Jan 2009

Poet Comic

Here’s a short comic for U16’s SPAM fest 2009 activity. The idea of the activity was to take a subject line of a spam message and illustrate it. I took the idea a bit further:

Poet Comic

Honestly, the message didn’t even have a link anywhere and the only indication of what the point could have been was the sender’s address which linked to a project that apparently happened in year 2000. Go figure…

19 Jan 2009

Good Riddance, Cowboy

Barack Obama’s inauguration will be happening tomorrow January 20th, which means the good ol’ boy in power will step down too.

So, goodbye Bush – don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Hope the next time we hear from will be when you’re put on trial.*

Good Riddance, Cowboy

In the mean time, the Guantánamo Bay detention camp is still running with full steam. You can sign a petition to challenge President Obama to close Guantãnamo, put an end to illegal detention, torture and impunity at Amnesty International’s 100 Days Challenge website. It only takes a minute to do it.

For more info about Amnesty’s framework to end illegal U.S. detentions check out

*) Not holding my breath, though.

8 Dec 2008

Update: Tempesthole 2.0

I finally finished what I’ve been working on for the past month or so: Tempesthole version 2. Mostly I just needed a site that’s easier to update and manage so that I might actually update it more than once a year. Expect updates at least twice a year from now on – every other year. As always, the new stuff shows up on the blog first, so you might want to subscribe to the feed if you haven’t already.

Anyway, have a look around the new site. I like think It’s matured like any fine lady should, becoming slightly more charming and considerably heavier than before. If you find anything that isn’t broken (images, links, etc.) please let me know and I’ll do my best to break them too. Please update your bookmarks as well.

Here’s an illustration to fit the theme:

Under the Hood

What actually is under the hood is WordPress with a custom theme specifically developed this purpose.

18 Nov 2008


A woman in her prime, she’s just turned 18 (15 really). Sorry to say to you guys out there, but she’s already taken, and her 62 year old fashion designer boyfriend does not handle competition like a gentleman. But one can always imagine how her bones rub together – sounding like whispers of lust – as she’s writhing in her gigantic designer bed.

Here she is modeling the hottest of the hot in fashion for Fall 2008! Perfect for every body type and occasion! Wow!

10 Nov 2008

More Caricatures of Stylus Members

Two more quick caricatures – even thought the second one is more like a sloppy portrait. The first is Tristan and the second is Minusbaby.

Tristan and Minusbaby
Caricature of Tristan Caricature of Minusbaby