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20 Mar 2011

Aquaman Redesigns

I did a couple of Aquaman redesigns for the Aquaman: Sea Change contest at Project: Rooftop. Surprisingly (hah!) I didn’t win but I did get an honorable mention. Maybe you can guess which one of my entries was honorable enough to be mentioned…

Anarchist Aquaman Naughty Aquaman

I know next to nothing about Aquaman, but I don’t imagine him being happy about oil and shit being poured into the seas at current rate. Bombs not petrol!

27 Jan 2011

Unsexy batman

What do you think Batman is compensating with all those fancy gadgets?

Unsexy Batman

His dead parents, duh!

Always wonderful Kate Beaton posted some “Adventures of Sexy Batman” which reminded me to post this. So there you have it.

6 Mar 2010

Drinking and Drawing

Here are some doodles that I’ve done over a few nights of drinking and drawing. Pretty much all typical motifs for those nights are represented: Superheroes, rockers, barbarians, women and general bad taste… For many of these I picked a theme and stuck with it until the next paper.

Artists Moustaches Random Stuff Conan & Frank Castle Eletkra & Ghost Rider More Superheroes and Others Robbers Women in the Cab Line Women in the Nude Another Women and Self Portrait Rockers in Leather Jackets Skeletor

Jeez, the site sure is slow today.

5 May 2009


Jacob Winkler did a nice take on Superwoman at U16’s CTT Turbo, so I thought I’d do a take on his take for fun. Originally I was attracted to the nightmarish quality of Jacobs image, but in the end went for something else.

I opted to go for a more practical, “realistic” design rather than the typical top-heavy spiked heels and microskirt type of designs you often see in superhero comics.

Superwoman Smash Hulk

Didn’t even realize that Hulk is a Marvel character until I’d already finished the piece. Oh well, same difference.

27 Jan 2008


I did this for U16’s CTT activity after Nicholas Liaw’s sketch. Here’s what he says about the character:

Psychologist Dr. Alice Anderson has always been empathic, able to perceive the slightest changes in her patients. However, a terrible accident caused her to lose the ability to feel emotion. Instead, she gained the ability to modulate the neurotransmitters of other people; the control over emotion, pleasure, pain, and even death itself.

Here’s she is, instilling guilt without feeling any.

Talk to the hand!
21 Aug 2007

Retro Character Sketches

Nothing too special this time around, really. I just drew a few character sketches for no particular reason, going for a more or less retro feel in the designs. The dude on top right was supposed to be some kind of military officer, but when I was done I realized I’d drawn a bullfighter instead. Hahhah.

Retro Characters
28 Apr 2007

Batman sketches

It’s been fucking long since the last time I’ve posted. I guess my motivation ran off with another man. Good times, bad times.

Anyway, to stop the the tail-spin I managed to whip out some sketches of my favorite superhero (whose comic I practically don’t read). So here’s a pinup of Batman and Catwoman standing in snowfall for some unknown reason. Maybe Batman forgot his keys to the Batmobile and Catwoman is just about to gleefully dump him and take off with her Cat-van.

Batman and Catwoman

And here’s just another crappy sketch of Bats. I also did a Joker but he turned out too bad even for this blog.

Swinging Batman

UPDATE: Revised the Catwoman a little – her arms looked awful and what was I thinking with the whip.

Batman and Catwoman (revised)
27 Jan 2007

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Still continued on the theme of superheroes. This time it’s Poison Ivy (from Batman naturally). I whipped it together for a DC-themed weekly activity at the Eatpoo Forums.

Even though this was quite a quick piece, its nice to be posting something more finished for change.

21 Jan 2007

More and Less Super Superheroes

On Illustration Friday the theme for the week is Superheroes. Yay, what a way to get creative juices flowing! Instead of going for those age old, steroid popping Pro Wrestlers of the comic book world, I felt like creating more down-to-earth characters – Stuck ankle deep in it for some of them.

So without further a due, here’s a really motley crew of heroes of the night:
The loners, the Door Patrol, the Brotherhood of Jack, the Dynamic Duo of Prowler and Distractor and finally the lovely ladies for whom I failed to come up with a catchy group name. Watch out for foul language.

Superheroes 2 Superheroes 3 Superheroes 4Superheroes 1

And here’s a small comic about Bitterman. Kind of like "Bitterman Reborn (again)".

Bat-Man vs The Law
9 Jan 2007

Superhero Sketches

Even though superheroes have never really been my thing, I like to draw an occasional Batman or Catwoman every now and then. This time I also did a few others.

I might have been too tired by the time I got to Catwoman. I might have screwed her up.

Then again, there are probably worse things than screwing Catwoman.

Superhero Sketches