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13 Apr 2008

Caricatures of Stylus Members

Here are a few quick caricatures I’ve done of fellow Stylus members over the past few months. Not really funny ones, but at least couple of them have decent likenesses. But they were fun to do.

Here are the reference images…

Stylus Members

…And the caricatures themselves.

Kiel Jim
John Dave

Check their sites too. In order of appearance. Kiel’s, Jim’s, John’s and Dave’s.

14 Jan 2008

Intermission: Redhead with Blue Gloves

The rest of the calendar images are coming up shortly, but in the mean time here’s something else. I haven’t gotten any drawing done since the holidays – save for some doodles in my sketchbook – so I’m glad to be finally doing it again.

This is just another photo referenced speedpaint of a naked girl – a redhead this time. I painted it in ArtRage 2 and really wasn’t sure if it would amount to anything, as it was technically a venture into the unknown for me. But what do you know, I think it turned out quite swell and was a lot of fun to do.

Redhead with Blue Gloves
27 Sep 2007

Wear Red on Friday

Support the protesting people of Burma by wearing a red shirt on Friday 28th of September (that’s tomorrow). For more info on the situation go here.

Wear Red on Friday
3 Sep 2007

Cute Blond on a Beach

Same story as with the earlier ones – it’s a photoreffed speedpaint. I didn’t do any sketching or measuring and unintentionally ended up sexing her up with considerably longer legs.

Cute Blond on a Beach
29 Aug 2007

Girl with a Pink Necklace

Another late night speedpaint. Backs are interesting and tough to do (without photo reference, that is). There’s huge amount of variety, depending on the pose and how muscular the person is.

Girl with a Pink Necklace
27 Aug 2007

Girl by the Window

This is just a photo referenced speedpaint that I did before going to bed. For practice and pleasant dreams.

Girl by the Window