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13 Apr 2008

Caricatures of Stylus Members

Here are a few quick caricatures I’ve done of fellow Stylus members over the past few months. Not really funny ones, but at least couple of them have decent likenesses. But they were fun to do.

Here are the reference images…

Stylus Members

…And the caricatures themselves.

Kiel Jim
John Dave

Check their sites too. In order of appearance. Kiel’s, Jim’s, John’s and Dave’s.

3 Mar 2008

Nudists in Traditional Media

Pencil sketches! Watercolor paintings! Photoreferenced nudists! In the order they were created!

Sketches of Nudist Girls

I think I could get the hang of this watercolor stuff with some more practice. Fun, except when the results turn out bad, hahhah. Or when you’re trying to get a decent scans of them…

14 Jan 2008

Intermission: Redhead with Blue Gloves

The rest of the calendar images are coming up shortly, but in the mean time here’s something else. I haven’t gotten any drawing done since the holidays – save for some doodles in my sketchbook – so I’m glad to be finally doing it again.

This is just another photo referenced speedpaint of a naked girl – a redhead this time. I painted it in ArtRage 2 and really wasn’t sure if it would amount to anything, as it was technically a venture into the unknown for me. But what do you know, I think it turned out quite swell and was a lot of fun to do.

Redhead with Blue Gloves
1 Oct 2007

Men’s Wear for War and Piece

Here are just a bunch of sketches I did on soviet uniforms from the WWII era. I may have done them for a reason, we’ll see. At least I got to practice using a brush again.

Soviet Uniforms

And here are some other sketches I scanned a while back, but didn’t post because I didn’t like them. Why there here now, I don’t know – they still don’t look any better.

Gentlemen sketches
More Gentlemen
3 Sep 2007

Cute Blond on a Beach

Same story as with the earlier ones – it’s a photoreffed speedpaint. I didn’t do any sketching or measuring and unintentionally ended up sexing her up with considerably longer legs.

Cute Blond on a Beach
29 Aug 2007

Muscle Men Sketches

A good follow-up for naked girls would more naked girls, but this time you’ll have to settle for a bunch of scantily clad beefcakes instead. Originally I intended to do some loosely related tribute art for the late Jack Kirby (who would have turned 90 couple of days ago) but then just felt like generally practicing male anatomy instead.

I don’t think I’ve touched my brushes in a long while, but it was nice that I seem to have learned something since the last time. Traditional inking (black gouache really) was a lot of fun, actually. These first one’s were drawn from my head obviously.

Muscle Men

And the rest from old beefcake photos. The last sketch was done straight with the brush – there’s just something about sketching with pencil that doesn’t work for me.

Muscle Men Muscle Men
29 Aug 2007

Girl with a Pink Necklace

Another late night speedpaint. Backs are interesting and tough to do (without photo reference, that is). There’s huge amount of variety, depending on the pose and how muscular the person is.

Girl with a Pink Necklace
27 Aug 2007

Girl by the Window

This is just a photo referenced speedpaint that I did before going to bed. For practice and pleasant dreams.

Girl by the Window
29 Jul 2007

Sultry Women Revisited

Oh man, I had a hard time with these! The first one was easy, but after that it was all just a downward spiral. Hours of my life, filled with nothing but sheer despair! It’s such a tough life being an artist!

…Good thing I’m not writing poems, though – or it’d be razorblade-time right about now.

More Sultry Women
29 Jul 2007

Sultry Women

Time for a bit more of photo-referenced sketches – I drew some attractive women from the days past. I just might do a few more.

Sultry Women
5 Jul 2007

Travelling and Goon Sketches

Some more sketches are to follow. The first batch is from my trip to my folks’ summer cottage, to celebrate the midsummer. I had a nice trip just sitting around doing nothing, except for some random sketching.

The first one was drawn on train with no other purpose except to fill the time. Lots of fun and a bumpy ride.

Train sketch

The next two are from the cottage. The first was drawn with a brushpen, which I haven’t really used before and which might work better with smoother paper. The second on has a bad composition, that I’m trying to hide with some Photoshop shading, hahhah.

Another cottage sketch
Another cottage sketch

And last, attempts on caricatures of Something Awful goons for an Eatpoo weekly. The problem is that I ‘m not very good at doing caricatures and – with the way those goons look – I think I just ended up normalizing them instead. Witness some poor attempts with graphite, gouache and watercolor. Now I remember why I stopped sketching with a pencil – it always smears and makes a mess.

Funny goons More funny goons
5 Dec 2006

Dead Nazis, Living People and An Animal Comic

These are just some photo referenced, quick sketches. The first ones’ original photos can be found at the Bullring Market. There’s some quite nice, lively portraits with appealing lighting. The nazis can be found here along with lots of other interesting war photography from WWI and II. I like the interesting contrast between the plain looks of the nazis inside their uniforms and the scary influence that they had. Small men in suits too big for them.


The last one’s an animal comic. It’s in Finnish and doesn’t translate too well: Sorry if you can’t understand it.

And sorry if you can.

Street folk Dead nazis Horo-comic

Oh yeah, I’m sure you’re wondering: No photo referencing with the comic.