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14 Feb 2008

Filthy Valentine’s Day and Free Cards!

Well, not entirely filthy. Just a regular “Happy Valentine’s Day!” for the most of you. Sincerely. Really.

Happy Valentine's Day!

And if you see yourself as worthy, treat yourself to the filthy valentine too.

This Valentines day card was done for the Stylus Art Collective’s “Filthy Valentines” challenge. You can find a printable PDF and emailable version of the card at Stylus blog along with the rest of the dirty, dirty Valentine’s day cards. Some of them are probably not safe for work…

Filthy Valentine's Day!

… but shouldn’t you working instead of surfing anyways.

9 May 2007

Jebe the Gladiator

Another one for the Eatpoo weeklies. He’s a gladiator, and a mean one too. If he seems a little unbalanced, that’s nothing compared to his mental state. The engine doesn’t probably help either, but let’s see someone try and headbutt him.

Jebe the Glladiator
17 Mar 2007

The Rock Number of the Beast

While I normally frown at all obnoxiously loud, aggressive and rude lowbrow music like "rock", "metal" or – heaven help me – "punk", I’ve found myself fascinated by the gentle rhythms and touching lyrics of the psycho punkabilly band Mad Sin’s latest album "Dead Moon’s Calling." So much in fact that I felt like doing some obnoxious rock ‘n’ roll art of my own.

So I came up with my own Psychobilly Guitar Slinger that plays faster than Lee Van Cleef draws his Colt – and louder than six Motörheads put together. He doesn’t need a name; he’s so cool that even hell freezes over him – and when he strikes a chord, even fucking angels fall off their clouds and in love with him.

The Rock Number of the Beast

And as a bonus image, here’s a quickie I did long ago. She’s not someone to fuck around with either.

The Babe Rocks Me
27 Feb 2007

Business as Usual

Another one for Eatpoo’s Weekly Activities, this time about Muppets.

I never did like the show, so I thought I’d combine two pop icons that I’d rather not ever see again.

Business as Usual

No biz like show biz, though.