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20 Mar 2011

Aquaman Redesigns

I did a couple of Aquaman redesigns for the Aquaman: Sea Change contest at Project: Rooftop. Surprisingly (hah!) I didn’t win but I did get an honorable mention. Maybe you can guess which one of my entries was honorable enough to be mentioned…

Anarchist Aquaman Naughty Aquaman

I know next to nothing about Aquaman, but I don’t imagine him being happy about oil and shit being poured into the seas at current rate. Bombs not petrol!

20 Sep 2010

Moonshiner’s Life

A quick one (roughly 1h 15min) I did for the CTT activity at Unit 16 last week. Pretty much all I had time for since I had to leave town for the weekend but I like how it turned out. I had good trip and it’s very cool to meet old friends.

Moonshiner's Life

And this was my fatty for the next in line on the activity:

Belly Button Girl

19 Jun 2010

Brainy Demon

Brainy Demon

Just blowing some steam. I’ve been playing around with an awesome, new, FREE 3D sculpting program Sculptris. 3D is kind of a guilty pleasure for me since what I do never seems to amount to anything worth showing because the end results are rarely anything artistically interesting.

3D has however helped me flex artistic muscles that I rarely use otherwise – and working with lighting, texturing and, now, sculpting has helped me gain a better understanding of how light works, for instance. So it’s not complete waste of time and it’s fun.

This image is just a bunch of screengrabs from Sculptris combined in Photoshop with some post-processing to add shading, colors, texture and BLOOOOOOD. So no fancy rendering here.

6 Mar 2010

Drinking and Drawing

Here are some doodles that I’ve done over a few nights of drinking and drawing. Pretty much all typical motifs for those nights are represented: Superheroes, rockers, barbarians, women and general bad taste… For many of these I picked a theme and stuck with it until the next paper.

Artists Moustaches Random Stuff Conan & Frank Castle Eletkra & Ghost Rider More Superheroes and Others Robbers Women in the Cab Line Women in the Nude Another Women and Self Portrait Rockers in Leather Jackets Skeletor

Jeez, the site sure is slow today.

4 Mar 2010

Psycho Psychic

Random stuff for CTT at U16 again. First one’s after Josh Hall’s sketch.

Psycho Psychic Skank

22 Feb 2010

Commando vs. Demon Nazi

Couple of quick images done for a “Draw My Character” activity at a forum. The first one is based on Chi-Yun Lau’s character.

Commando Demon Nazi or a Nazi Demon

19 Jan 2010


The ultimate sadomasochist. For the Movie Tag Team at U16.


Gabba gabba hey.

2 Sep 2009


For the Movie Tag Team activity at Unit 16. The theme was Frank from Once Upon a Time in the West as portrayed by Henry Fonda.

I played a bit with the thought of “What if Harmonica had instead been called… Banjo?”

frank, After the Final Duel

Another addition to the list of things I never thought I’d draw…

14 Apr 2009

Re-education of the Navigator

Here’s another fairly quick one for another U16 activity, the Movie Tag Team. The idea of the activity is to do an image about the movie character that the person before you picks. My movie was Flight of the Navigator and this image. The kid’s the navigator…

I didn’t really like these children’s fantasy movies as a kid, and don’t like ‘em now. So this is what I came up with:

Re-education of the Navigator

It’s a reference to one of the lines in the movie. I think I could use some educating like that myself…

18 Nov 2008


This one is kinda after Adam Duncan’s sketch, for the CTT activity at Unit 16 again. A pretty perverted version of the character, I would say.


18 Nov 2008


A woman in her prime, she’s just turned 18 (15 really). Sorry to say to you guys out there, but she’s already taken, and her 62 year old fashion designer boyfriend does not handle competition like a gentleman. But one can always imagine how her bones rub together – sounding like whispers of lust – as she’s writhing in her gigantic designer bed.

Here she is modeling the hottest of the hot in fashion for Fall 2008! Perfect for every body type and occasion! Wow!

4 Oct 2008

The Hapless Horseman – Paper Toy

– Where’s your hat, soldier?
– I, um, misplaced it. sir. And I’m actually cavalry, sir.
Cavalry? Then where’s your horse, man?
– Uh, hmm you see, sir  …
– Ungh, don’t tell me. I bet you’d lose your head too if it wasn’t attached to your shoulders.

The Hapless Horseman - Paper Toy

This is a custom design for Christopher Bonnette’s Squealer paper toy. Since Halloween is coming up shortly, I thought I’d something to fit the theme. Live by the sword…

Anyway, here’s a low resolution version of the template. You can download a printable PDF here (about 1MB). For instructions on how to put it together visit Christopher’s site for a tutorial.

The Hapless Horseman Template

Download Papertoy (1MB)

Thanks to Christopher, who put the thing to together and took the photo too.