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5 Jun 2009

Drafty Comic Panel

I’ll huff. I’ll puff. I’ll blow

-- Your house up!

Another panel for the Stylus collaborative comic activity. My previous panels can be viewed here.

19 Jan 2009

Good Riddance, Cowboy

Barack Obama’s inauguration will be happening tomorrow January 20th, which means the good ol’ boy in power will step down too.

So, goodbye Bush – don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Hope the next time we hear from will be when you’re put on trial.*

Good Riddance, Cowboy

In the mean time, the Guantánamo Bay detention camp is still running with full steam. You can sign a petition to challenge President Obama to close Guantãnamo, put an end to illegal detention, torture and impunity at Amnesty International’s 100 Days Challenge website. It only takes a minute to do it.

For more info about Amnesty’s framework to end illegal U.S. detentions check out

*) Not holding my breath, though.

15 Jan 2009
18 Nov 2008


This one is kinda after Adam Duncan’s sketch, for the CTT activity at Unit 16 again. A pretty perverted version of the character, I would say.


24 Oct 2008

Cancer Face Halloween Mask

This is a Halloween mask I did for a Stylus activity. It’s gross. Your mom will love it.

Cancer Face

Download Cancer Face mask (2,9MB) »

15 Oct 2008

Tall Self-portrait

I’m a fairly big man but not this big.

Teemu over Tokyo

Initially this just supposed to be a stylized self-portrait for a forum activity, but then it occurred to me that with minor adjustments it would fit another activity too: Japanese Giant Monsters at U16! Better to look like a silly giant than some lame-ass pop punk promo picture.

Swiped the photo for the quick montage from Satyendra.

4 Oct 2008

The Hapless Horseman – Paper Toy

– Where’s your hat, soldier?
– I, um, misplaced it. sir. And I’m actually cavalry, sir.
Cavalry? Then where’s your horse, man?
– Uh, hmm you see, sir  …
– Ungh, don’t tell me. I bet you’d lose your head too if it wasn’t attached to your shoulders.

The Hapless Horseman - Paper Toy

This is a custom design for Christopher Bonnette’s Squealer paper toy. Since Halloween is coming up shortly, I thought I’d something to fit the theme. Live by the sword…

Anyway, here’s a low resolution version of the template. You can download a printable PDF here (about 1MB). For instructions on how to put it together visit Christopher’s site for a tutorial.

The Hapless Horseman Template

Download Papertoy (1MB)

Thanks to Christopher, who put the thing to together and took the photo too.

29 Sep 2008

Monsters in Pink

Couple of images for the CTT activity at Unit 16. First one is based on Evolution’s monster sketch. The second one is my image for the next in line – as per usual.

Monster faces the Horror The Enigmatic Lady
16 Sep 2008

The Mating Habits of the Deep Ones #1

Deep One

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the deep ones.

The Deep Ones are a race of frog-like, ocean-dwelling creatures with an affinity for mating with humans.

Despite that they’re basically mind bogglingly horrific, fishy frog-creature-horrors, the mating does happen regularly. Much of how it happens is still a mystery but thanks to recent advances in sciences, the scientists at Miskatonic University have unveiled more facts about the process.

The males have a special mating dance to woo the ladies:

The Mating Dance of The Deep One Males

The females on the other hand have a more direct approach:

The Female Approach

Stay tuned for more exciting revelations that everyone wants to hear!

16 Jul 2008

The Wrong Crowd

On some of those foggy nights out, when the fog somehow clears up a bit, you may realize that that crowd you’ve been keeping isn’t exactly what you thought it was.

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. More often to the worst, though.


For Illustration Friday’s theme "Foggy" and slightly inspired by this. (And apparently someone beat me to it slightly with his "vampire zombie" comment. Vampire zombie?).

18 Jun 2008

White Rapper and Witch

Couple of images for U16’s CTT activity again. The first is based on Shakes’ sketch and the second one is my character for the next in line.

MC Omnomnom of former Pubic Enemy fame Witch

Alright, I’ll be off for a few days eating sausage and drinking beer. I’ll be back next week. Hyvää juhannusta!

2 Apr 2008

Vibrator Girl and Devil from the Woods

Couple of images for U16’s CTT activity. The first is based on Adam Duncan’s image. Consider this the result of fucking typing a thesis for at least eight hours a day for (almost)couple of weeks.

Vibrator Girl

And my sketch for the next in line… Consider this a preliminary sketch for another project to come.

Devil from the Woods