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19 Jul 2011

Boatman of R’lyeh

I went for a short cruise during the holidays. This was the captain of the ship.

Boatman of R'lyeah

Well, okay – maybe I didn’t. Maybe the image is just my take on Scobot’s character for the CTT.

5 May 2011

Explosive man & Faceless monster

Two more images for CTT activity at Unit 16. Explosions + Monsters = Good times!

Explosive Man Faceless Monster

First one’s after Josh Hall’s sketch.

14 Aug 2010

Girls’ Adventure!

Here’s something a bit different that I’ve been meaning to finish for quite some time now. It’s sort of a bastard son of the covers of the 50s & 60s men’s “sweat magazines” and girls’ romance comics. Mostly those magazines were produced by men and usually it’s pretty easy to tell…

The illustration is a mixture of 3D and whole lot of Photoshop. I didn’t actually model anything so I guess this is what you would call “Poser art”. I textured the icky tentacles though. I like icky things.

Quite frankly this piece would have taken a whole lot less if I had just painted the damn thing. I had fun though, and I like the real-but-not-quite feel that the piece has, as if I had used puppets or miniature models. I don’t think I could achieved the the same look for the tentacles by painting either.

Girls' Adventure

And here’s a detail for a better look at the lover boy and just for the hell of it.

Girl's Adventure - Details

24 Jul 2010

Elf Bomb

Here’s a couple of images for the CTT activity at U16. The first one is after Audzilla’s sketch and I’m not sure if it makes any sense without it. The second one is of course the image for the next in line.

Elf Bomb Hair Rocker

19 Jun 2010

Brainy Demon

Brainy Demon

Just blowing some steam. I’ve been playing around with an awesome, new, FREE 3D sculpting program Sculptris. 3D is kind of a guilty pleasure for me since what I do never seems to amount to anything worth showing because the end results are rarely anything artistically interesting.

3D has however helped me flex artistic muscles that I rarely use otherwise – and working with lighting, texturing and, now, sculpting has helped me gain a better understanding of how light works, for instance. So it’s not complete waste of time and it’s fun.

This image is just a bunch of screengrabs from Sculptris combined in Photoshop with some post-processing to add shading, colors, texture and BLOOOOOOD. So no fancy rendering here.

17 May 2010

mechanic Behemoth

Here’s a giant robot setting the city ablaze, kaiju style. For the CTT at Unit 16, after Scott’s sketches.

Mechanic Behemoth

I may have gone a little crazy with the glows but what the hell, it was fun. Here’s my sketch for the next in the activity:

Dungeon Fighting Man

4 Mar 2010

Psycho Psychic

Random stuff for CTT at U16 again. First one’s after Josh Hall’s sketch.

Psycho Psychic Skank

22 Feb 2010

Commando vs. Demon Nazi

Couple of quick images done for a “Draw My Character” activity at a forum. The first one is based on Chi-Yun Lau’s character.

Commando Demon Nazi or a Nazi Demon

19 Jan 2010


The ultimate sadomasochist. For the Movie Tag Team at U16.


Gabba gabba hey.

6 Jan 2010

Cell Phone Shark

I did this illustration awhile back. The idea of the campaign (that it was for) was to visually incorporate different animals’ defense mechanisms on cell phones. My animal was a shark. With the brief I got an image that illustrated the concept and which to me seemed like a stock image that someone else had done. So i was a little hesitant as to how to approach the assignment since I didn’t want to rip off or copy someone else’s work.

Well, with a little research it turned out that the image was actually a montage of two different images and it had probably been done at the ad agency that hired me, so I was free to do whatever I wanted with it. So, off to sketching I was.

First I googled a bunch of reference images of cell phones and sharks and drew a few quick sketches to get a grasp of how they looked and how I could mix them up.

First sketches

Since the image would be a single character on a basically blank background, the shape and design of the cell phone shark would have to be interesting enough to hold the image and composition together. So I started thinking in shapes.

Sketching shape and selected sketches More sketches (that I didn't like)

Above you can see the sketches that I thought were worthy of finalizing marked. They’re far from perfect but I now knew what I wanted and where I would take the final sketches. There were two different ideas: One for the traditional cell phone model (which was much like the image in the brief) and another one for the shell fish model. I finalized sketches for both:

Final Sketches

The first one was pretty much a cleaned up and refined version of the thumbnail. The second was a combination of two different sketches. I wanted both of the sketches to have a sort of a fake fish eye perspective. I added the mockup type, and sent the sketches to the client.

They went for the second one. The final had to be all vectors which was a challenge since I usually work with raster images – and the final would have to have a painterly, retro quality to it. So, after some emails back and forth with the client and tweaking things, I finished the piece:

Cell Phone Shark Final

Some extra space added around the edges for cropping and bleed.

13 Nov 2009

American Werewolf

A quicky after the movie “An American Werewolf in London” for the Movie Tag Team at U16.

An American Werewolf

18 Jul 2009

You’ve Been a Bad Boy

Sister of No Mercy

… and you’ve got hell to pay for it.

Another one for the CTT.