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20 Mar 2011

Aquaman Redesigns

I did a couple of Aquaman redesigns for the Aquaman: Sea Change contest at Project: Rooftop. Surprisingly (hah!) I didn’t win but I did get an honorable mention. Maybe you can guess which one of my entries was honorable enough to be mentioned…

Anarchist Aquaman Naughty Aquaman

I know next to nothing about Aquaman, but I don’t imagine him being happy about oil and shit being poured into the seas at current rate. Bombs not petrol!

6 Mar 2010

Drinking and Drawing

Here are some doodles that I’ve done over a few nights of drinking and drawing. Pretty much all typical motifs for those nights are represented: Superheroes, rockers, barbarians, women and general bad taste… For many of these I picked a theme and stuck with it until the next paper.

Artists Moustaches Random Stuff Conan & Frank Castle Eletkra & Ghost Rider More Superheroes and Others Robbers Women in the Cab Line Women in the Nude Another Women and Self Portrait Rockers in Leather Jackets Skeletor

Jeez, the site sure is slow today.

19 Jan 2010


The ultimate sadomasochist. For the Movie Tag Team at U16.


Gabba gabba hey.

13 Nov 2009

American Werewolf

A quicky after the movie “An American Werewolf in London” for the Movie Tag Team at U16.

An American Werewolf

18 Feb 2008

Ritual of the Savage & Doodles

I was doing some digital doodling and it occurred to me I could do some fan art of Jed McGowan’s awesome “Ritual of the Savage” comic that he’s been working on lately.

Even though my pinup is pretty ironic take on Jed’s comic – which itself is quite ironic – it doesn’t appear all that ironic, which in turn is sort of ironic.

What? Oh. I’ll shut up now. First the pinup, then the doodles.

Ritual of the Savage Digital Doodles

Don’t let my sad image scare you off, go read the comic.