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9 Jun 2013

Kiuruvesi Calves

Here’s a couple of illustrations I got commissioned to do (and was art directed) by Aava & Bang for the town of Kiuruvesi. Essentially the images were a follow-up to an older Kiuruvesi illustration that I’ve done.

Apparently in the center of Kiuruvesi there is a statue of two galloping calves which were now depicted in a style similar to the earlier illustration. Originally I only did the summer version of the image but once it was finished they commissioned a winter version as well. Again the image was designed to work both in this size and using a tighter crop.

Kiuruvesi Calves - Summer Kiuruvesi Calves - Winter
2 Jun 2013

Green Cars Editorial Illustrations

Long time, no updates. I haven’t exactly been productive as an illustrator ever since I started working as a graphic designer for an ad agency due to lack of motivation and time – along with directing my interests in other things like dabbling with 3D. I really should get back into the habit of drawing since it’s always satisfying once I get started.

I have however done an occasional freelance illustration every now and then – most notably for the Tuulilasi magazine. Lately I’ve been getting a number of inquiries from all sorts of nice people about what I’ve been up to, and I’ve been sketchy at best at replying. So, many apologies for the possibly non-existent replies from yours truly and thank you very much for the interest and concern.

So, I reckon – if I can still figure out how to post in this damn site – I’ll upload something “new” from the past FEW YEARS. Good grief…

But enough of that, here’s some images. I did this bunch of illustrations for Tuulilasi to an article about the rise in popularity of the so called ecological cars and the different types of consumers that buy them. The set included a full spread opening illustration, couple of smaller ones that were also spread wide and a quick mash-up of the cars resembling the Swedish flag for an extra image that was needed.

Green cars 01 Green Cars 02 Green Cars 04
23 Sep 2011

Windshield Indy

I got commissioned to do an illustration for the Finnish car magazine Tuulilasi (which translates into “Windshield”, hence the post title). It was for an article about a survey on where (Finnish) consumers seek information when they’re considering a new car. Car magazines – against expectations – clearly turned out to be the most important source – rather than, say, the Web. Since the article was to be loaded with facts, the client felt that the illustration could have a humorous slant and not be too literal.

Of course, when I got started with the illustration the actual article didn’t even exist, so there was little chance of getting too literal…

The image had a quick turn-around (only a few days, including a weekend) so I did some brainstorming, drew a few idea roughs as a pitch and send them to the client.

Tuulilasi Indy Roughs

A was an Indiana Jones type of fellow exploring a temple-like car store, using a magazine as a map.
B was another guy using a magazine as a cover from the rain while running towards a car store.
And finally C shows a third guy familiarizing himself with the options after finding himself faced with an acute need for a new car.

Client went for A and after discussing what was wanted I set to work.

Tuulilasi Indy Sketch

Above is my sketch and below what I ended up with – along with a quick spot illustration:

Windshield Indy Final Tuulilasi Indy Spot

8 Sep 2011


I got commissioned by Aava & Bang advertising agency to do an illustration for marketing material for a town called Kiuruvesi in southern Finland. A fun gig that went as smoothly as one can realistically expect. The client’s brief was good and clear (as usual) so I was confident in what was needed – and eventually there were few corrections at any stage of the process. Nice to work this way!

As usual, there was bunch of stuff that needed to be included in the image – which in this case would feature couple of kids playing with a milk cart in an idyllic countryside scenery. While the final image would be bigger the most essential stuff needed to fit within a smaller frame so that you could use a tighter crop the image without losing anything important.

I did a bunch of roughs to figure out how to make everything fit and then drew a more polished sketch to send to the client.

Kiuruvesi - First sketch

The kids were pretty much ready to be inked by now but the background was left rough because we weren’t sure if a specific landscape needed to be included in the image.

The kids got an okay but it turned out that the client could use the illustration ahead of  schedule for magazine ads. The turn-around was very short so I got asked if I could just finalize the kids for the ads. I figured the kids would probably need some kind background for the image to make any sense, so I finished the kids and did a quick background based on the rough. I ended up sending three different versions with different colored skies because by that time I no longer had any idea which one I preferred and didn’t have time to sleep on the image either. This one got selected.

Kiuruvesi - Magazine Ad Illustration

Time went by as a appropriate reference photo was searched for the background of the final. Eventually, all I got – along with some minor changes to the rough – was a picture of certain type of bridge that had to be featured. I sketched the background, sent it to the client and after a round of changes and some stuff getting left out, I finally got a go-ahead to finish the image.

Kiuruvesi - Final Sketch 01 Kiuruvesi - Final Sketch 02

That I did.

Kiuruvesi Final

PS. I generally like to work in a way that affords me to go back and easily change things without having it affect the whole image, which means I usually end up with quite a few layers… to put it mildly.

3 Jul 2009

Aava & Bang Promo Illustration

Here’s an image I did for Aava & Bang advertising agency’s new visual identity. I tell you folks, this thing is HUGE – roughly 217 cm wide and 42 cm high in 300dpi resolution. That’s 25638 x 4962 pixels for anyone who’s counting…

It was quite an enjoyable challenge, and even more so for my old computer which really couldn’t handle files this big. I had to do the final, full sized image in pieces (which the client put together with better hardware), and still the working file for the biggest of the pieces was 542 MB. Phew.

Aava & Bang Illustration

Check out some details too. These are 25% of the actual pixel size:

Aava & Bang Illustration Details

This was a fun project – very clear brief and just few minor, good changes in the sketching stage. The client seemed happy with it and I like how it turned too. There’s a slightly bigger version of the image in use on their website.

21 May 2008

Shopping Mall Family

This illustration was done for marketing materials for a recently opened shopping mall. The assignment was basically to visually design and show the different members of the consumer family and their pet moose who are regulars at the mall. Each character’s design had to elicit a specific personality and interests.

Family at the Shopping Mall
17 Jan 2008

LSO Calendar 2008 – Part 2

Continued from Part 1. So, here are the illustrations for the latter half of the year.

July: Holiday fun for the whole family. A look of terror on daddy’s face was deemed inappropriate (I suspected it would be), but it would’ve been funnier.

LSO Calendar: July

August: Picnic lunch during the harvest.

LSO Calendar: August

September: The apples are ripe for picking. The dude’s putting the moves on the girl while the bull is putting the moves on the apples.

LSO Calendar: September

October: New feed for the piglets.

LSO Calendar: October

November: The hunting season. In the first sketch the hunter with his rifle was in the foreground while the moose was anxiously hiding behind a tree in the midground. But the nasty school shooting incident that happened here in Finland had happened just before I got started with this gig (and on my birthday of all days). So I had to pretty much redo the sketch, with the gun out of sight, the moose relaxed in the foreground and the hunter in the background (well, midground really). The first sketch sucked anyway, so I didn’t mind.

LSO Calendar: November

December: Christmas elf visiting the farm animals. Ham is the traditional Christmas dish in Finland, so this just might be the last meal for the pigs.

LSO Calendar:December
6 Jan 2008

LSO Calendar 2008 – Part 1

Happy new year, folks! I’m a few days late for that, but, hey, the year is still young. And what’s a better way to start the new year than with a couple of big posts with images for the whole year?

So, this is the first batch of the images I did for LSO Foods’ calendar for the year 2008. LSO Foods is a major meat producer in Finland, producing both pork and beef. The calendar itself was produced for the actual meat producers i.e. the farmers that grow the animals. Hence the style of images was slightly romantic, but couldn’t get too cheesy or sweet considering the business is about raising and killing animals for food, and everyone viewing the calendar is well aware of that.

I got a short brief for each month (from the folks at ad agency Oivallus, who did the calendar design), and was then let loose to sketch. Every image had to include the colors of the corporate identity – a certain strong red and blue – which meant that the other colors used had to be fairly saturated and strong too, for the color schemes to appear harmonious and work.

January: Price Boar. Initially, the two men of the house looked more alike.

LSO Calendar: January

February: Laskiainen. On Shrove Tuesday, it’s a tradition in Finland to do just what the kids are doing in the image – in addition to eating a certain type of bun with whipped cream.

LSO Calendar: February

March: Piglets and promoting a new web service, which I’m clearly not promoting here, hahah. There’s a logo on the screen on the final image.

LSO Calendar: March

April: Unloading piglets. New, excited piglets arriving to the piggery. I used Google Sketchup for the background, which was a good call since I had to do it several times over and that way I didn’t have to worry about the perspective as much.

LSO Calendar: April

May: Spring pastures. Letting the cows loose on spring pastures, as well as doing the spring sowing.

LSO Calendar: May

June: Juhannus. Celebrating the Midsummer in Finland includes everyone escaping to their summer cottages, raising the Finnish flag, eating loads of sausages, drinking too much, bathing in a sauna & doing skinny dipping, drunkenly pissing over the side of a rowboat or trying to swim across a river too wide and drowning. Makes me swell with pride and patriotism.

LSO Calendar: June

I’ll be posting the second batch in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

9 Dec 2007

Football Kid in Candy Colors

This piece was done some time last spring, I believe. It was intended for an ad campaign, but was never used in the end. I think the campaign probably finished long ago and I finally got myself into doing some touch up on the image, removing anything that would connect it to the campaign or the client.

So here he is, football kid in candy colors.

Football Kid
6 Mar 2007

End of Period

Here’s a couple of commissions I did for the Finnish metal workers’ union magazine "Ahjo". With the general election coming up in just couple of weeks here in Finland, the first article was about how well the current government did achieve their promises and goals. The bottom line pretty much was that while the long term employed did fine, the short term employed and the poor – like pensioners, students and unemployed – didn’t.

The client wanted something resembles old soviet propaganda posters a little with the proletariat standing side by side. This is what the final result was – with a montage type composition and all.

Wage earners did well, the poor poorly

Apparently I’m more influenced by the golden age American advertisement illustrators than socialist posters, since – while the feedback for the published illustration was otherwise positive – the client (fairly) pointed out that the guy seemingly overlooking the woman and the girl came of as a slightly sexist and aged concept. Whoops – and I had thought of the lady as some executive type the whole time I worked on the image.

So, for the illustration to the follow up article – this time about the promises of the candidates and parties – I made sure all the characters were presented equal. And what are the parties promising us? This time both long and short term employed should do better, while the poor are still left out of the agenda.

On the left are the initial idea and composition sketches for the second illustration. The right ones I sent to the client to choose from and they went for #1.

Sketches 1 Sketches 2

And here’s the final illustration. Notice that the client had changed to layout to fit a horizontal format illustration instead of the initial vertical. Luckily it was easy to tweak the composition to fit the new shape of "the canvas". The women are supposed to be "looking ahead."

Wage earners now have a lot of friends