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5 May 2011

Explosive man & Faceless monster

Two more images for CTT activity at Unit 16. Explosions + Monsters = Good times!

Explosive Man Faceless Monster

First one’s after Josh Hall’s sketch.

16 Dec 2010

Clown car (of DEATH)

Just couple of images for the CTT again.

I really saw the latter when walking home from work one day. A guy all dressed in black and wearing a hood, cycling a unicycle. It was freezing cold, so I figured he’d have to be a ninja or something to be doing something like that at such temperatures – a lesser man couldn’t do it.

Just a couple of days afterward there was an article in the local paper about the guy, and turns he’s an exchange student from eastern Siperia. So I guess I wasn’t really that much off with my assessment. At least I got the continent right… except Japan is an island.

Clown Car (of DEATH) Unicycle Ninja

Disclaimer: He wasn’t really armed, visibly.

13 Apr 2010


I’ve been reading 100 Bullets lately, so here’s a hood to go with the theme.


What an awesome series – great writing, great art.