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19 Jul 2011

Boatman of R’lyeh

I went for a short cruise during the holidays. This was the captain of the ship.

Boatman of R'lyeah

Well, okay – maybe I didn’t. Maybe the image is just my take on Scobot’s character for the CTT.

30 Jun 2011


An inspired piece for the CTT. Concept: Nurse with big boobs.


It sort of falls in line with this older Chainsaw maid image, I suppose.

8 Jun 2011

Bathing giant

Two images drawn for the CTT activity again. First one’s after Maximillian’s sketch, and the second is just some stream of consciousness nonsense. So, there’s no particular political or other agenda behind that one.

Bathing Giant Wily

5 May 2011

Explosive man & Faceless monster

Two more images for CTT activity at Unit 16. Explosions + Monsters = Good times!

Explosive Man Faceless Monster

First one’s after Josh Hall’s sketch.

20 Mar 2011

Aquaman Redesigns

I did a couple of Aquaman redesigns for the Aquaman: Sea Change contest at Project: Rooftop. Surprisingly (hah!) I didn’t win but I did get an honorable mention. Maybe you can guess which one of my entries was honorable enough to be mentioned…

Anarchist Aquaman Naughty Aquaman

I know next to nothing about Aquaman, but I don’t imagine him being happy about oil and shit being poured into the seas at current rate. Bombs not petrol!

16 Dec 2010

Clown car (of DEATH)

Just couple of images for the CTT again.

I really saw the latter when walking home from work one day. A guy all dressed in black and wearing a hood, cycling a unicycle. It was freezing cold, so I figured he’d have to be a ninja or something to be doing something like that at such temperatures – a lesser man couldn’t do it.

Just a couple of days afterward there was an article in the local paper about the guy, and turns he’s an exchange student from eastern Siperia. So I guess I wasn’t really that much off with my assessment. At least I got the continent right… except Japan is an island.

Clown Car (of DEATH) Unicycle Ninja

Disclaimer: He wasn’t really armed, visibly.

20 Sep 2010

Moonshiner’s Life

A quick one (roughly 1h 15min) I did for the CTT activity at Unit 16 last week. Pretty much all I had time for since I had to leave town for the weekend but I like how it turned out. I had good trip and it’s very cool to meet old friends.

Moonshiner's Life

And this was my fatty for the next in line on the activity:

Belly Button Girl

24 Jul 2010

Elf Bomb

Here’s a couple of images for the CTT activity at U16. The first one is after Audzilla’s sketch and I’m not sure if it makes any sense without it. The second one is of course the image for the next in line.

Elf Bomb Hair Rocker

17 May 2010

mechanic Behemoth

Here’s a giant robot setting the city ablaze, kaiju style. For the CTT at Unit 16, after Scott’s sketches.

Mechanic Behemoth

I may have gone a little crazy with the glows but what the hell, it was fun. Here’s my sketch for the next in the activity:

Dungeon Fighting Man

4 Mar 2010

Psycho Psychic

Random stuff for CTT at U16 again. First one’s after Josh Hall’s sketch.

Psycho Psychic Skank

22 Feb 2010

Commando vs. Demon Nazi

Couple of quick images done for a “Draw My Character” activity at a forum. The first one is based on Chi-Yun Lau’s character.

Commando Demon Nazi or a Nazi Demon

19 Jan 2010


The ultimate sadomasochist. For the Movie Tag Team at U16.


Gabba gabba hey.