16 Jun 2013 By Teemu

Measuring Consumption Editorial Illustration

These illustrations were done for Tuulilasi magazine to an article about modern cars and measuring their consumption and emissions

There is quite a bit of disparity between how the consumption and emissions of modern cars are being measured and how an average driver actually uses a car – particularly in urban areas that require constant stopping, slowing down and accelerating. Unsurprisingly the official standards and results from a laboratory environment are nowhere near real world values. And of course the car industry is doing it’s best lobbing to delay updating the standards…

The article featured a full spread opening illustration, a full page illustration and a spot illustration. It was quite a challenging set to do conceptually but after a good amount of brainstorming and excellent art direction from Tuulilasi (AD Marko Pylvänäinen) I came up with the idea of creating the kind of faux information graphics you’re seeing here.

Measuring Consumption 01 Measuring Consumption 02 Measuring Consumption 03

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