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16 Jun 2013

Measuring Consumption Editorial Illustration

These illustrations were done for Tuulilasi magazine to an article about modern cars and measuring their consumption and emissions

There is quite a bit of disparity between how the consumption and emissions of modern cars are being measured and how an average driver actually uses a car – particularly in urban areas that require constant stopping, slowing down and accelerating. Unsurprisingly the official standards and results from a laboratory environment are nowhere near real world values. And of course the car industry is doing it’s best lobbing to delay updating the standards…

The article featured a full spread opening illustration, a full page illustration and a spot illustration. It was quite a challenging set to do conceptually but after a good amount of brainstorming and excellent art direction from Tuulilasi (AD Marko Pylvänäinen) I came up with the idea of creating the kind of faux information graphics you’re seeing here.

Measuring Consumption 01 Measuring Consumption 02 Measuring Consumption 03

9 Jun 2013

Kiuruvesi Calves

Here’s a couple of illustrations I got commissioned to do (and was art directed) by Aava & Bang for the town of Kiuruvesi. Essentially the images were a follow-up to an older Kiuruvesi illustration that I’ve done.

Apparently in the center of Kiuruvesi there is a statue of two galloping calves which were now depicted in a style similar to the earlier illustration. Originally I only did the summer version of the image but once it was finished they commissioned a winter version as well. Again the image was designed to work both in this size and using a tighter crop.

Kiuruvesi Calves - Summer Kiuruvesi Calves - Winter
2 Jun 2013

Green Cars Editorial Illustrations

Long time, no updates. I haven’t exactly been productive as an illustrator ever since I started working as a graphic designer for an ad agency due to lack of motivation and time – along with directing my interests in other things like dabbling with 3D. I really should get back into the habit of drawing since it’s always satisfying once I get started.

I have however done an occasional freelance illustration every now and then – most notably for the Tuulilasi magazine. Lately I’ve been getting a number of inquiries from all sorts of nice people about what I’ve been up to, and I’ve been sketchy at best at replying. So, many apologies for the possibly non-existent replies from yours truly and thank you very much for the interest and concern.

So, I reckon – if I can still figure out how to post in this damn site – I’ll upload something “new” from the past FEW YEARS. Good grief…

But enough of that, here’s some images. I did this bunch of illustrations for Tuulilasi to an article about the rise in popularity of the so called ecological cars and the different types of consumers that buy them. The set included a full spread opening illustration, couple of smaller ones that were also spread wide and a quick mash-up of the cars resembling the Swedish flag for an extra image that was needed.

Green cars 01 Green Cars 02 Green Cars 04