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24 Jun 2009


Here’s someone I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time and who seems to fascinate me to no end: Glenn Danzig.

A bit of eerie synchronicity going on as well: Going through some biographies I just realized that I finished the image – truly unbeknownst to myself – on his damn birthday, June 23rd. So happy birthday, Glenn…

Glenn Danzig

Fucking metal. Serious business.

23 Jun 2009

Girl with a Towel

This is just something I’ve been doodling in Photoshop over couple of night before bed. To be frank, I got really bored with it…

Not crazy about the style and it’s sloppy too.

Girl with a Towel

9 Jun 2009

Rodent Fashion

Another two for the CTT at U16. First one is after Mike Monroe’s sketch of – to me – a bit insecure looking rodent. So here he is with a friend, overcompensating:

Rodent Fashion

And my entry for the next in line, a gentler, more confident fella:

Lifeguard Whale

5 Jun 2009

Drafty Comic Panel

I’ll huff. I’ll puff. I’ll blow

-- Your house up!

Another panel for the Stylus collaborative comic activity. My previous panels can be viewed here.