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26 May 2009

Grace Kelly Blues

Grace Kelly was gorgeous but unlike – for example – her contemporary Audrey Hepburn who had a very distinct face and look, Grace was more of an epitome of neutral beauty – whatever that may be. That makes her really difficult to draw. Even if you get a decent likeness, you might still end up with a drawing of beautiful but generic looking dame…

So I decided to go for mood instead. Maybe young Grace Kelly getting a brief glimpse at the crystal ball – and her eventual fate.

Grace Kelly Blues

6 May 2009

Shut Up, You’re Dead!

Just a random tough guy to go to the CTT Turbo with the Superwoman from previous post. A screaming, severed head also featured.

Shut Up, You're Dead!

5 May 2009


Jacob Winkler did a nice take on Superwoman at U16’s CTT Turbo, so I thought I’d do a take on his take for fun. Originally I was attracted to the nightmarish quality of Jacobs image, but in the end went for something else.

I opted to go for a more practical, “realistic” design rather than the typical top-heavy spiked heels and microskirt type of designs you often see in superhero comics.

Superwoman Smash Hulk

Didn’t even realize that Hulk is a Marvel character until I’d already finished the piece. Oh well, same difference.