13 Mar 2009 By Teemu

Friends or Foes

“Friends or Foes” is a short comic I did last fall for a comic anthology that unfortunately hit the rocks and never got published. Too bad. Based on what I saw  there would’ve been good stuff in it. Curse you, recession!

Read it here! And enjoy…

2 Responses

  1. A Working Class Hero on

    Hi Teemu!

    First of all, I must to say I love your work. From the style of “Black Paladin” illustration to this “Friends of Foes” comic, I love it! What program do you use to create this? Manga Studio? I love the trace this…

  2. Teemu on

    Thank you very much, Hero! I’m glad you like my stuff! Good to know someone has at least taken a look at the comic too… heh.

    Yes, it’s Manga Studio. I think I did the lettering in Photoshop. The text tool in Manga Studio is pretty clunky. Same deal with the paladin.