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30 Mar 2009


Here’s a couple of quick images I did based on other people’s characters. First one is after Sticmann’s sketch of a little robot. I streamlined the design a bit and I guess it isn’t that little anymore either. It was done for the CTT activity at U16 again.

And the second one is a take on Scott Vanden Bosch’s character. I thought it (my take, that is) was a bit stupid* and unfunny*, so I haven’t posted it until now.

*) Like that has ever stopped me before…
13 Mar 2009

Friends or Foes

“Friends or Foes” is a short comic I did last fall for a comic anthology that unfortunately hit the rocks and never got published. Too bad. Based on what I saw  there would’ve been good stuff in it. Curse you, recession!

Read it here! And enjoy…

4 Mar 2009

Tempesthole in How Top Ten

How Magazine's Top Ten

I received a pleasant email from the Senior Editor of How Magazine. It informed me that has been chosen as one of their Top 10 Sites for Designers for this month, March 2009.

A utterly and completely unexpected honor but no less appreciated. It’s nice to see the effort I’ve put into the site doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you very much, How.