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24 Feb 2009

Woes of Scifi Rockers

This is my take on Scott Vanden Bosch’s singer character for U16’s CTT again. It appears that the woes of this fictional band aren’t completely unlike those of another, more famous one.

Exploding Drum Machine
20 Feb 2009

Black Paladin

Just a character design… His hood setup reminds me of nuns so I figure he must be a man of cloth. Loin cloth.

And a thong.

Black Paladin

13 Feb 2009


Hard times are a-coming but fortunately the help is here.


We just have to let a few (thousand) of you go, and it’ll be just fine.

11 Feb 2009

The Shipless Sailor and His Murdering Friend

Here’s a couple of images for U16’s CTT – Turbo Mode activity. The first one is after Josh Hall’s character and, well, someone else’s too.

The Shipless Sailor and His Murdering Friend Weirdo Nudist
9 Feb 2009

Riot Squad

I managed to do another entry for the SPAM fest 2009 activity over at Unit 16. This time the spam subject line I illustrated was:

“Shoot like a Pornstar?”

Well, hell yeah!

In fact I did two versions of the illustration since I couldn’t decide which one I like best.

Riot Squad - version 1 Riot Squad - version 2

Second one is referring to a famous quote by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon:

Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and tyrant, and I declare him my enemy.

5 Feb 2009


Had a peculiar experience earlier this week. I hurt my ankle on the weekend and couldn’t really put my weight on it for a couple of days. On Monday I stepped out to get some groceries from the little store across the street. This is what happened:


Oh wow, don’t go over the top with those dreams man! A little depressing but, still, I found it oddly funny since I was acting so true to form, being caught off-guard.

I was drawing an hourly comic (a day late) but it was really boring to do when you have nothing else to do but sit by yourself with your leg propped up. This strip was part of that thing…