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22 Dec 2008

Kids Say the Damndest Things

Little Skeptic

Inspired by this little gem. I guess she wouldn’t be impressed though.

Well here’s something else to wash the bad taste away, whether you disliked the gag or the song. Merry Christmas to everyone, too.

14 Dec 2008

Robot Arm and a Cop

Couple of Images for U16’s CTT again. First one’s based on Shakes’ sketch.

8 Dec 2008

Update: Tempesthole 2.0

I finally finished what I’ve been working on for the past month or so: Tempesthole version 2. Mostly I just needed a site that’s easier to update and manage so that I might actually update it more than once a year. Expect updates at least twice a year from now on – every other year. As always, the new stuff shows up on the blog first, so you might want to subscribe to the feed if you haven’t already.

Anyway, have a look around the new site. I like think It’s matured like any fine lady should, becoming slightly more charming and considerably heavier than before. If you find anything that isn’t broken (images, links, etc.) please let me know and I’ll do my best to break them too. Please update your bookmarks as well.

Here’s an illustration to fit the theme:

Under the Hood

What actually is under the hood is WordPress with a custom theme specifically developed this purpose.