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24 Oct 2008

Cancer Face Halloween Mask

This is a Halloween mask I did for a Stylus activity. It’s gross. Your mom will love it.

Cancer Face

Download Cancer Face mask (2,9MB) »

15 Oct 2008

Tall Self-portrait

I’m a fairly big man but not this big.

Teemu over Tokyo

Initially this just supposed to be a stylized self-portrait for a forum activity, but then it occurred to me that with minor adjustments it would fit another activity too: Japanese Giant Monsters at U16! Better to look like a silly giant than some lame-ass pop punk promo picture.

Swiped the photo for the quick montage from Satyendra.

11 Oct 2008

Comic Frames for Collaboration

These are just a couple of frames for a comic collaboration going on at Stylus. They’re out of context, so they don’t make much sense, but I thought they’re entertaining enough to posted anyway. The second one is all natural media.

Comic Frame 1 Comic Frame 2
4 Oct 2008

The Hapless Horseman – Paper Toy

– Where’s your hat, soldier?
– I, um, misplaced it. sir. And I’m actually cavalry, sir.
Cavalry? Then where’s your horse, man?
– Uh, hmm you see, sir  …
– Ungh, don’t tell me. I bet you’d lose your head too if it wasn’t attached to your shoulders.

The Hapless Horseman - Paper Toy

This is a custom design for Christopher Bonnette’s Squealer paper toy. Since Halloween is coming up shortly, I thought I’d something to fit the theme. Live by the sword…

Anyway, here’s a low resolution version of the template. You can download a printable PDF here (about 1MB). For instructions on how to put it together visit Christopher’s site for a tutorial.

The Hapless Horseman Template

Download Papertoy (1MB)

Thanks to Christopher, who put the thing to together and took the photo too.