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29 Sep 2008

Monsters in Pink

Couple of images for the CTT activity at Unit 16. First one is based on Evolution’s monster sketch. The second one is my image for the next in line – as per usual.

Monster faces the Horror The Enigmatic Lady
16 Sep 2008

The Mating Habits of the Deep Ones #1

Deep One

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the deep ones.

The Deep Ones are a race of frog-like, ocean-dwelling creatures with an affinity for mating with humans.

Despite that they’re basically mind bogglingly horrific, fishy frog-creature-horrors, the mating does happen regularly. Much of how it happens is still a mystery but thanks to recent advances in sciences, the scientists at Miskatonic University have unveiled more facts about the process.

The males have a special mating dance to woo the ladies:

The Mating Dance of The Deep One Males

The females on the other hand have a more direct approach:

The Female Approach

Stay tuned for more exciting revelations that everyone wants to hear!

11 Sep 2008

Blonde with Blue Background

Hah, couldn’t put this after the two previous naked ladies. Three in a row is just too much for a family entertainment blog such as this one. But now that there’s an image with a girl in lingerie breaking the pattern, I can post this one as well. Sooo…

Hee’s another nude blonde I did as warm up.

Blonde with Blue Background
9 Sep 2008

Marker Fun

I’ve been fooling around with markers and a brush pen and trying something a bit different. Fun fun fun.

So here’s couple of quick drawings. They depict the harshness of country life and some mellow vacancy in the city.

Country Hick & City Chick
2 Sep 2008

Sinister Girl

And yet another photoreffed girl. Yes, I’ve been doing other stuff too, but can’t show that at least for the time being. So you’ll have to settle for these quickies.

Sinister looking nude girl