25 Jul 2008 By Teemu

Winter Fairy

As promised here’s the second image for the CTT. This one’s based on Adam Duncan’s fairy sketch. You can ask him why she’s all naked.

I imagine she likes to sit down with a nice, hot cup of fermented rowan berry juice to keep the cold, bitterly lonely winter away.

Winter Fairy
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    7 Responses

    1. Brendan Carroll on

      Beautiful skin-tones and your composition too. Very subtle colours and you really nailed the voyeurism look! Great work :)

    2. Teemu on

      Thanks Brendan! It’s totally clichéd but fun to do.

    3. scobot on

      awesome stuff Teemu – and that robot is neato man !

    4. Ture on

      I love this one a lot man, the colours are spot on and your style really makes it not cliche at all.

    5. slayer death on


    6. niall on

      Class stuff man.