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25 Jul 2008

Winter Fairy

As promised here’s the second image for the CTT. This one’s based on Adam Duncan’s fairy sketch. You can ask him why she’s all naked.

I imagine she likes to sit down with a nice, hot cup of fermented rowan berry juice to keep the cold, bitterly lonely winter away.

Winter Fairy
25 Jul 2008

Killer Robot

Forget about Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.

Killer Robot

For the CTT activity at U16. Another illustration coming up shortly.

18 Jul 2008

Why the Long Face, Hulk Hogan?

I can’t imagine why… Or can I?

Hulk Caricature

Edit: Revised poor Hulkster for better likeness and overall betterness.

16 Jul 2008

The Wrong Crowd

On some of those foggy nights out, when the fog somehow clears up a bit, you may realize that that crowd you’ve been keeping isn’t exactly what you thought it was.

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. More often to the worst, though.


For Illustration Friday’s theme "Foggy" and slightly inspired by this. (And apparently someone beat me to it slightly with his "vampire zombie" comment. Vampire zombie?).

15 Jul 2008


Mutiny on the pirate ship for U16’s Pirates activity. Did the rule of the ship change or not – I do not know.

Mutiny on the Pirate Ship
12 Jul 2008

Another Caricature

This blog needs an update. Here’s one. It’s a caricature of yet another Stylus member, Emma.

Emma caricature
Emma reference
2 Jul 2008

Frederik and Tarja

I bought some more markers, colored ones this time around. They sure are lots of fun and handy to use.

Here’s a couple of fairly quick caricatures done with them. The first one is of the “Finnish Hasselhoff”, Frederik, who’s already a sort of a caricature the way he really is. The original reference was a thumbnail sized photo in a newspaper, but the photo displayed here is a better version borrowed from his website. The man is like 63 (or something) and has a sweatband and a pierced eyebrow (edit: must not forget the mullet!) . Macho, so macho. Phew!

And the second one is of course the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen. Took less than an hour on this one. Frederik took maybe two.

Reference images
Frederik Tarja